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Year 11

Year 11

Year 11 have already completed their courses on USA 1919-41 and Britain 1951-79. They will be revising those topics for their mocks in December. They now have the Controlled Assessment and their Cold War Course to Complete.


Civil Rights Controlled Assessment

1.    Early Civil Rights

a.    Considering what Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil Rights movement were fighting for.

2.    Later Civil Rights

a.    Looking at how the Civil Rights movement achieved a lot of success in the 60s, but also had a long way to go.

3.    Other Protest

a.     Understanding that civil rights was not the only subject of protest in 60s America.


International Relations 1943-1991

1.    The Causes of the Cold War

a.    Discussing who takes most blame for the breakdown of the Grand Alliance.

2.    Three Cold War Crises

a.    The Berlin Crisis

b.    The Cuban Missile Crisis

c.    The Czechoslovakian Crisis

3.    The End of the Cold War

                       a.    An evaluation of whether it was Reagan’s Second Cold War or Gorbachev’s reforms that ended the Cold War.


Edexcel GCSE History A

1.    International Relations 1943-1991

2.    The USA 1919-41

3.    Britain 1951-79

4.    Controlled Assessment

·         Each unit is worth 25%

·         Revision materials and sessions are available for all exam units.