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Year 9

Year 9


The year 9 course prepare students by focusing on key knowledge and skills, theoretical and practical, they will need to successfully complete their GCSE Media Studies.

Introduction to key media concepts:

-          Genre

-          Institutions

-          Audience

-          Representation (gender and ethnicity)

-          Media Language

Study around a film recently released.

Deconstructing generic film posters and trailers.

Written comparison of two Action Adventure film trailers.

Production skills:

-Basic photography / camerawork

-Photoshop: creating a film poster

Evaluation of production work


Video production and production workflow:

Learning to effectively conduct and manage pre-production (research and planning, script, shot list and storyboard), production (shooting footage applying techniques learnt including lighting and sound recording), post-production (editing footage, soundtrack and titles).

Focus on continuity editing using Premiere Pro.

Class presentation.



Music Industry, music videos and representation (Gender, ethnicity, age)


Record labels and the changing landscape of the music industry

Artists and their ‘Star Text’

Analysing album covers and digipaks

Andrew Goodwin’s theory with focus on conventions of music videos

Analysing music videos’ meanings and representations

Production: a detailed vlog entry (visuals / slides, and sound) to be recorded and edited, with focus on one artist’s evolution through their albums / music videos.

Class presentation