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Year 10 Geography Students Embark on Educational Adventure to Osmington Bay

From June 14th to 17th, 2024, 93 of our Year 10 students participated in the annual Geography Field Trip to the PGL centre in Osmington Bay, Dorset. Fieldwork is an essential component of geography education; it is an opportunity to take students out to investigate, observe, discover, challenge, test out ideas and gain a deeper understanding of the wider world around them and Osmington Bay, situated on the beautiful Jurassic Coast, provides an ideal setting for students to enhance their fieldwork skills.

This year's focus was on investigating Sustainability and Flows. On the first day, students ventured to Weymouth to collect data on community sustainability. Utilising questionnaires, land use maps, and other resources, they gathered valuable information on how the area could be made more sustainable. The second day was dedicated to surveying the River Wey at three different locations, allowing students to study the river's flow and characteristics. Evenings were spent converting this data into graphs, which would be further evaluated back at school.



In addition to the rigorous fieldwork, students engaged in team-building activities such as climbing, archery, and the giant swing. These activities required full participation and fostered a spirit of teamwork and mutual support. Throughout the trip, students demonstrated key Park High Character virtues, including teamwork, resilience, curiosity, integrity, and compassion.

 "I have worked with new people and have made new friends. I felt proud at how I handled the challenges of being away from home and all the different activities." - Year 10 student

The trip was a resounding success, with both students and teachers finding it to be an enjoyable and enriching experience, gaining a range of skills that are difficult to develop in the classroom. New friendships were formed, and challenges were met with enthusiasm and perseverance.

A special thanks to the Geography Department and all the teachers who dedicated their weekend to make this trip possible.