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Park High School

Park High School

Open Evening 2020

Welcome from our Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Park High!

Ordinarily, I would be addressing you from the stage in the assembly hall either before or after you have had the chance to tour around our school. You would have been guided by our students keen to show you why they are proud of being a Park High student, you would have seen the breadth of curriculum and opportunities we provide to ensure your child has the best education possible should they join our community.

It is appropriate that we work to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by not having visitors on site so instead we welcome you to a short film which seeks to share the energy and enthusiasm of life at this happy and well regarded school.

Park High is entering its 81st year of providing education for the young people in this community and I am proud to be starting my second year as Headteacher. I know that Harrow parents are very lucky in that they have a wide range of successful schools to choose from within the borough. Each has its own characteristics so allow me to share with you what makes Park High successful.

The quality of relationships here are the foundation on which everything else is built. They are based on mutual respect, integrity, honesty and care for the individual. Park High is more than a school, more than a community, it is a family. Visitors to the school regularly comment on the friendly atmosphere, the good manners and hard work of our students. We have been told that being acknowledged with a smile from everyone they meet made them feel part of something special.

We promise that each child will be known by name, helped to recognise their potential and supported to achieve it. We foster in our students an understanding that success is a journey and that it is alright to make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

We appoint high-quality staff who first and foremost like young people and want to inspire them to achieve. We have our own students return as learning assistants and teachers, when we ask why they come back invariably the answer is ‘To give something back to the school’.

We firmly believe we have a moral duty to look after not just the academic but all aspects of our student’s wellbeing. We want your child, regardless of their starting point to flourish, to achieve more than they thought possible and to become well rounded young adults when they leave. We will prepare them to be ready to contribute positively to their communities and the wider society in which they live and work. We know we are good at this because our students come back and tell us!

We have high expectations of our students both academically and in their conduct. We expect our students to develop self-discipline, to understand the value of self, to have strength of character, to work hard and to be both resilient and hopeful. In an unstable world it is both qualities that get us all through.

The heart of our school is enshrined in the Park High Code

  • Keep safe and keep others safe
  • Be part of a school that allows people to learn
  • Help others whenever you can
  • Bring credit to Park High and our community
  • Make those you care about proud of you

Our GCSE and A level results remain consistently high. You will of course be aware of the impact of school closures on the 2020 examination season. All our Year 11 students have a post 16 pathway either into A level studies, employment with training, apprenticeships or other qualifications. One hundred and eighteen students have joined our very successful sixth form. All Year 13 students who wished to take up a place at university did so. Our work in Careers and Employment is a real strength of the school and has been recognised with a national award in this field.

Our promise has been to know your child by name also a promise that they will not leave Park without their feet firmly placed on a path to the next stage of their learning journey. Should you choose Park High, and we hope you do! My promise is that we will lift your children up and help them fly!

Mrs Colette O’Dwyer



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Disclaimer: Some of the imagery featured in the video and prospectus may have been filmed/photographed before March 2020.

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Welcome from your Head of Year 

Moving to a high school is an exciting start to a new learning adventure. At Park High, we value the importance of working collaboratively with students, families and primary schools, to ensure a smooth and successful transition into our Year 7. We do all we can to avoid it being an overwhelming event for both students and their parents/carers.  In the Summer Term we will welcome our new students for our transitional programme, where they will experience a bespoke timetable.  This will, however, be dependent upon Government advice nearer the time.

I will be contacting every primary school from which we have students joining us, to make sure the handover from primary to secondary is effective, purposeful and supportive.  

We very much look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you into our learning community.

Yours sincerely

Ms S Acheampong

Head of Year








More information

Map of the School 

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What our Year 7 students say about Park High School 

“When I first started off at Park High School I was very nervous, as I have heard lots of things about High School. However none of that was true, high school is great and lots of fun. At the start, I had no friends but I have made more and more, and still making new and interesting friends. The teachers here at Park High are amazing and super nice and care about everyone. The education here is impeccable I have learnt so many new things and I am becoming more knowledgable. I have settled in well and enjoying school. " - Trinay

"I was nervous for my first day at Park High School, as I didn't know what the teachers or the other students would be like. At the beginning, I didn't think that I would make friends but I did, I thought high school would be hard and I would struggle but the teachers have helped me and I really enjoy being at Park High" - Ruhi

"The first few weeks of Year 7 have been really fun. I have made lots of friends and my teachers are really kind. I like our school uniform it looks really smart. My whole class are really kind and I have enjoyed the first few weeks of year 7 so much. The Head of Year is really kind and he sorts out any problems. Park High is a really great school" - Dolceanna

"I have made lots of new friends and have met lots of lovely teachers during my first couple of weeks. It's really fun here at Park High School as there are lots of different subjects and activities. My favourite lessons are DT, Art, Computer science, PE, Performing Arts and English." - Anaiya

"The first few weeks at Park High were incredible and I wake up everyday with a smile on my face saying 'I'm going to Park High today.' I have learnt a lot at Park High and have done lots of different subjects my favourites are Computer science, PE and English. In only three weeks Park High has taught me to be the best that I can be." - Aisha

"My first few weeks at Park High School were really fun! It'll be one of the most memorable yet. I've made new friends and find the learning enjoyable. My favourite lesson I would have to say is DT, we get to do graphics, textiles, woodwork and food, but due to the current situation, we are only limited to a few. I've settled in really well at Park High and can't wait to make more memories here, that will last a lifetime" - Yashvi

2021 Year 7 Team  


Mrs Colette O'Dwyer



Mrs K Day-Haynes

Assistant Headteacher


Ms S Acheampong

Head of Year


Mrs S Ali

Pastoral Support Assistant




Mr Scott

Mrs Wood Ms Gorman Mr Fankcom
Mrs Ahmed

Miss Sakkaf

Mrs Wilson Ms Kerai

Mrs Galdin-O'Shea

Miss Sharma Ms Salkeld Mrs Pearn

Ms Stephenson

Ms Samani  

Heads of Year and a dedicated pastoral support assistant are responsible for each year group and work closely with an Assistant Headteacher, on the day to day functioning of the year group and keep the Deputy Headteacher and  Headteacher informed about each cohort. Our pastoral support assistants are key in liaising with home and school.  They will often resolve any immediate concerns parents and students may have.

Each student is a member of a tutor group. Structured tutorial work takes place in the tutor group every day. This learning covers personal development, careers education, preparation for work experience and course choice guidance. In time it eventually leads to the production of the Portfolio of Achievement and Graduation. There are two important review days each year, allowing progress to be reviewed effectively and meaningful targets to be set with the agreement of both students and parents.  This is a time when parents can sit and reflect with their child’s tutor to discuss their academic and personal progress.

The school has access to educational psychologists and speech and language therapists for consultation and support where needed. We also have access to a wide range of other supporting services. We involve all members of staff and all students in our pastoral system as it is a fundamental part of the curriculum of the school. 

We are constantly developing our offer to meet the needs of our young people and to help deal with the increasing pressures of our modern world.

For more information about Safeguarding and Pastoral Support:

What is our transition programme? 

Moving to a high school is a landmark event for students and here at Park High we are very aware of the impact it can have on students social, emotional and academic development. We also understand it’s often a worrying time for families. At Park High, we value the importance of working collaboratively with students, families and primary schools to aid a smooth and successful transition into our Year 7. Under normal circumstances we would have used our established transitional programme where students come in for the day before the summer which we hope will be able to use for 2021, subject to Government guidance. 

School Code and Expectations

We have high and realistic expectations of our students inside and outside the classroom here at Park High. Students should aim to attend school every day, on time and wear the correct school uniform. Students should abide by the school code and keep to the school rules. Students are expected to always be respectful to staff, other students and members of the community, to and from school; as well as respecting all school resources, buildings, grounds and the environment. Students should strive to be a positive member of the school community and do as much as possible to always promote the well-being and good name of the school.

Our School Code is frequently referenced and supports the high expectations and standards we have adopted. Students and parents are expected to sign a Home-School Agreement in the contact book to support this.

Students should regularly use their contact books in all lessons and at home and keep it in good condition. Students are expected to complete all work set to the best of their ability, including all home learning. Appropriate independent preparation for exams should be taken in the form of revision and should be taken seriously with sufficient planning and organisation to ensure each student fulfils their potential.

Attendance and Punctuality 

It is really important students are present and punctual to school and for lessons.  When students are absent, we insist on a note from their parents. The rate of unauthorised absence at the school is particularly low.


Students are expected to wear school uniform at all times, with the exception of the charity 'non uniform' days and on some fieldwork sessions.

Home learning

Each department will set home learning at different times, so your time management skills will need to develop well. Set up a time each day to complete your home learning - remember it is important to take regular breaks and have free time too.

Achievements and Discipline 

At Park High we use an achievement points system that celebrates the success of our students. This could be for academic achievement, effort, outstanding behaviour, or many other positive behaviours. We are particularly proud that our students bring credit to our school through representation in school events or their contribution to the local community. This is recognised in a variety of rewards, celebration assemblies, enrichment trips and prize-giving.

The school is a well organised and well-disciplined community with a caring but firm approach. High standards of behaviour and courtesy are expected at all times and visitors frequently comment on how well-behaved and courteous our students are.

Our system of progress checks is designed to support good discipline, both by giving praise and anticipating problems. Certificates are given every term to students who are achieving well or improving their effort. Letters are sent home to parents for students who might be slipping back in terms of work or behaviour. Parents are invited in to discuss any concerns.

The School Code is largely a matter of good sense and is about concern for other people as well as the smooth running of the school as a place of learning. 


Clubs, activities, trips and events are currently subject to Government Guidance.

Trips & Events

There are usually a number of trips and events available to students through out their time here at Park High. Year 7 trips include:

  • Phasels Wood Activity Centre
  • KidZania
  • Activity Week
  • Reward trips such as bowling, cinema, trampoline parks etc.


Club & Activities

There are lots of clubs and activities before school, at lunchtime and after school 

To see what clubs we have currently visit:


Student leadership schemes

The school offers an abundance of opportunities to develop leadership skills and to allow students to be involved in, and have an impact on, the school’s environment, as well as developing skills they need for success in and outside of the classroom.

For information about how you can get involved:

Guidance and Careers & Employability Programme


All students are fully supported and guided through the process of planning and preparing for their futures.  Our programme of personal, social, health and citizenship education helps our young people prepare for adult life, and this starts as soon as they arrive at Park High.

Find out more about our award winning personal, social, health and citizenship education programme:


Careers & Employability

We have a full time careers and employability coordinator, a professional careers adviser and a programme of education, information, advice and guidance for all. We believe Park High students will consequently be well prepared for their futures.  Park High School is proud to have been awarded the prestigious Quality in Careers Standard, accredited by Investor in Careers since December 2018, in recognition of our outstanding CEIAG - Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance provision. 

Mrs Foster is our Careers & Employability Lead who provides exceptional support to students, parents and carers, and implements our careers programme.  The Careers & Employability room is based in the Park Block and students and their parents may consult our specialist careers staff at any time, or to use our extensive careers library.  Specific help and advice is given to students in Years 10 and 11, and in the Sixth Form, about how best to proceed to the next stage of education, training or employment.

Find out more about our Careers & Employability programme:

Worries and concerns 

You may have some worries, questions or concerns about the change to secondary school. Our school community understands that this can be difficult- and we were all new to Park High at some point.

There are lots of typical worries that students may have. These might include:

  • Worried about getting lost around the school site
  • Getting public transport or making your own way to school
  • Will I make friends? Will I be in the same class as my primary school friends?
  • Will the work be hard? What if I don’t understand something?
  • What if I forget something or am late?

Who can I talk to if I am worried about something?

If you are worried about something, there are lots of people you could talk to both in and out of school. Your form tutor and Head of Year will talk through lots of these worries and hopefully assure you that we are here to help- and remember that lots of other students will be feeling the same way. You could also try a trusted friend or a member of your family. You may find talking to a teacher or member of support staff could help. Most importantly, remember that talking through your worry can really help.

We also have a school counsellor in school every Friday. There is a  lunch time drop in service for all students in school, called “The Space” or students are able to book appointments directly to speak with the school counsellor. This is an opportunity to be heard, and to have a safe, quiet and private space to talk about anything that may be worrying or concerning you. Some students will want to come alone and others may wish to come with a friend or in a group; the choice is completely up to you. “The Space” will be held in the Acorn Room.

Friendship issues

When you move to secondary school, often friendship groups change. They might grow bigger, or smaller, or becoming completely different. We encourage you to make the right choices in your friendship groups- surround yourself with people who act and behave positively. Friends can be there to enjoy the best of times, and they can help us when we are feeling down. Sometimes friendships can have problems and both boys and girls may experience friendship issues at secondary school. If you do experience some issues it is important that you try to resolve them. This page on Childline has some excellent tips and advice on how to resolve friendship issues, and good conversation starters to make new friends. Most importantly remember to always be kind.

For more information about some other concerns you may have:

If you have any further questions please ask them here.

Getting to School 

By Tube

Canons Park on the Jubilee Line is the nearest tube station with a 20 minute walk to the school

By Bus

  • 79 bus to Honeypot Lane (Wigton Gardens)
  • 324 bus (Hail & Ride) to Culver Grove
  • 114 bus to Streatfield Road (Kenmore Road)
  • 186 bus to Wemborough Road (Abercorn Road)


Work out your route to school, whether you’re walking or taking public transport. Practise until you’re confident and time yourself. Also, make sure you have an alternative route in case of problems with transport or people you want to avoid. 

Work out what time do you need to get up at so you can have breakfast, get ready and be on time for school. Buy an alarm clock rather than use your phone if possible. Always eat some breakfast, even if you feel nervous. It’s a long time until lunch.

If you’ll need to use an Oyster card or travel pass,  make sure there’s money on it if you need it.

Check out our travel plan page to help work out your route to school:

Parent information 

We believe that success and happiness for your child depends very much on a close relationship between parents, carers and teachers and this is carefully fostered by all Park High members of staff. We are determined to know and nurture the whole child so they can gain a true sense of self-worth, as well as those all-important qualifications.

Once a place at Park has been offered and accepted, we invite all parents to a meeting with a member of staff. This is an important start to what we hope will be a warm and close relationship.  (This is currently subject to Government advice)

School uniform

We aim to keep the uniform simple, functional and smart. The school's uniform policy is supported by parents, pupils, governors and staff. We rely upon parents accepting a place at Park High School to support us actively in upholding it. Please label all uniform items. Any student breaking any aspect of this policy will face the possibility of being given a uniform slip; two of these in any one day will result in an official detention.

Teeny Wear School Uniforms

325 High Road,

Tel: 020 8863 3892

This year's Year 7 will wear a purple tie. For more detailed information about our school uniform please see our school uniform page:



If your child is using an Oyster card or travel pass, make sure you apply for it in plenty of time – it may take a couple of weeks to come through, so don’t leave it until the end of the holidays. And make sure there’s money on it.

Check out our travel plan page to help work out your route to school:


Absence from school 

What you as a parent/carer need to do if your child is sick/absent:

  • If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the office in the morning on              
  • Tel: 020 8952 2803 and press the relevant option; Please call before 9:45am to inform us of the reason for the absence.
  • You MUST call the school EVERY MORNING that your child is absent.
  • The office is open from 7:30am – 4.30pm; Messages can be left on the answer machine when the office is closed.
  • Please DO NOT e-mail tutors or Head of Year directly regarding absence.

For mor information:


Free School Meals

We are trying to ensure that any family eligible for free school meals is receiving their entitlement.

If your son/daughter is eligible for free school meals they may also benefit from additional funding throughout the year e.g. subsidised school trips and/or instrument fees. 

There is a website where parents and carers can check eligibility for free school meals, it is quick and easy to use, just enter the necessary details, this will give you an immediate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, the school will be notified of your application.


Parent pay 

ParentPay is an online payment system for schools. It allows parents to pay quickly and securely for school meals, trips and activities, music lessons, lockers and fees.

You simply top-up your ParentPay account online by debit or credit card, or in cash through PayPoint stores.

For more information:


School Letters and Guides

SIMS InTouch is our method of communication between school and home with parents/carer.  

You do not need login details to use this service.   The school does not send home copies of letters or important information regarding the school day by any other means.

It is imperative we have up to date contact information, such as email and telephone numbers for you in case of an emergency and also to send communications successfully.

If you change your email address or phone number, please advise the school on by phone or by email so that we can update your details:

Tel: 020 8952 2803


Park High School

Thistlecroft Gardens, Stanmore,
Middlesex, HA7 1PL

Headteacher:Mrs Colette O'Dwyer

Phone:020 8952 2803

Map of Park High School Location
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  •  Variety of teaching approaches
  • Teacher Development Trust
  • Arts Council
  • The Quality in Careers Standard
  • Healthy School
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