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‘My Romance with A Game of Thrones’

Why you should read the books, By George and Aaron

Treachery, deceit and death just about sums up this mind-boggling non fiction tale: George R. R. Martin’s, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ The books have become a sensational HBO series hit called ‘Game of Thrones’.  The tale has the audience constantly on their edge of their seat as Martin takes us across the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros and over the Narrow Sea.

If you haven’t heard of Martin’s extraordinary work then seriously, where have you been for the last two years of your life - Even my teacher knows about it, and that’s saying something. Martin has spent… years so far on his work and has is famedfor his constant updates to fans. Many of the viewers that watch the TV series don’t quite get the full story and usually end up missing a lot of detail. I have read most of the books and watched the TV series up to the latest aired episode, and I can tell you the translation from print to screen is only half the story.

The books are about the lives of 9 greater houses (families) and 100s of lesser houses that are wide spread across the lands of the fictional Westeros. Each house has its own unique and formidable tale.  The different stories raise so much love and compassion for the books that drive us and allow us to want to continue to find out that all important mysterious ending. Alongside the already announced 7 Books from the series ‘A Song Of ice And Fire’ there are another 4 books from a side series ‘The Tales of Dunk and Egg’. Personally I highly recommend you read all these books, because I know that when you’re sitting there watching the series, someone says something, you’ve lost track of what’s being said, you rewind it to try and find out what’s happened, and you don’t fully take in what’s being said. The books are a perfect way to ignore and resolve this issue as well as getting that extra insight and close attention to detail.

Stop sitting around wasting your time, Because when you play the game of thrones you win, Or you die.

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