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Are Old Animals a Waste of Space?

The Copenhagen Zoo has killed a healthy giraffe and a lion family (including cubs), to make way for a new young male.

 In the zoo’s defence they offered the cubs to different zoos but no one would take them.

Zoologists wanted to bring a young male lion to breed with two other female lions. The reason why they killed the family of lions was because they wanted more space for the breeding.  The incident has caused uproar amongst animal right’s protesters.


Earlier this year, Zoo workers received death threats after a two year old giraffe called Marius was slaughtered due to ‘European Union Law.’ Later on, Marius was dissected in front of the visitors.

The culling has riled animal lovers worldwide. To add injury to insult the remains of the two year old giraffe were given to the lions. A spokes- man soon after said, ‘Not all the animals are dissected in front of an audience it was for medical purposes.’

It is surprising that in a developed country such as Denmark that this can happen.  Perhaps Zoos need to look at other ways of returning these magnificent beasts back to the wild.

By Khushal

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