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Are books being forgotten?

Physical book sales fell £74m last year, but the rise of the eBook continues.

With over two-hundred libraries having closed in the last few years, and a continued decline in book shops, it seems that no one is reading anymore. However, since the rise of the eBook from 2007, reading statistics in the UK have risen, from, one out of five adults being illiterate in literacy in 2012, to one out of six adults in 2013.  But if the book shops and libraries are closing, where are the public getting their books?

One of the most modern ways of connecting with people is through technology and now technology allows people to read books from it too. This has caused paper book sales to fall by £74 million last year alone in the UK; even though the Hunger Games Trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey and JK Rowling's new book were released, causing millions of people to buy print at the price of £7.99 or so. But the Amazon’s Kindle continues to make a profit, with prices for books at £3.99 or less including new releases.

"For every 100 hardback and paperback books it sells on its UK site, 114 eBooks are downloaded"- The Guardian

"I enjoy reading on my kindle 

because it’s lighter than a book 

and it’s more ergonomic"

Namita, 13

"I like getting the full experience 

from a paper book, whether it's from

the bookshop or the library." 

Aiman, 13

 "I enjoy both of them: With a kindle, it's cheaper but with a book it is more traditional. It depends on how you like to read".
Khushal, 13
Student reading from a kindle.   Students in a library – Getty Images ©

While there are people who will speculate that one is better than the other, the fact of the matter is that reading will never die. It all depends how you want to read: do you choose a book or an eBook? You decide.

By Nisha & Areej

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