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The Fever Code

Book review

The Fever Code by James Dashner

Reviewed by Nicole 8AO


Recommended for ages 10 and above


The Fever Code is the second prequel of The Maze Runner series. Although it is the prequel, it would make more sense and be more interesting if you read the other four books first.


The Fever Code is about what happened before the main book series. It is from Thomas’s point of view, apart from the first chapter. As we ae told in the first books, Thomas and Teresa helped build the maze, and now we see how they came to doing it. Overall, the book is about travelling through Thomas’s childhood and seeing how he got to where he is at the beginning of the first Maze Runner book. This book ends when The Maze Runner starts, so it is completely linked.


In this nail biting book, we get to find out all the answers to our previously asked questions. What happened to Thomas in WICKED? Did Thomas, Newt, Minho and Teresa all know each other before they entered the maze? Will we learn more about Group B? as well as old characters, we meet new ones as we read, and we clearly see Thomas grow up and mature over the years at WICKED.


You’ll love this book because there is not one moment when you are bored. It is fast paced and action packed. “Heart pounding to the very last moment,” says Kirkus Reviews. “Take a deep breath before you start and James Dashner book,” says Deseret News.

I recommend this to anyone who likes The Maze Runner series and wants to read more. As well as that, those who like a mixture of horror and sci-fi but also have a sense of action and adventure. The Fever Code is especially popular with teenagers, but I guarantee satisfaction to anyone above the age of ten.


Rating: *****

 The Maze Runner Timeline:

Prequels 1 and                      Books 1, 2 and 3   

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