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CCTV Cameras in School? Agree or Disagree

by Ashi in Year 7

The amount of CCTV cameras there are in schools has turned into a debate between kids who agree and disagree on this topic. This has become such an important topic that it is not only talked about in Park High School but in many other schools.

Many headteachers “wish there was no need for them.” Emlyn Lumley (Head of Park High School) has said what he thinks students feel about them and most teachers would probably say “some students disagree, some student’s feel it makes them safer.” In Park High School, altogether, there are, “36 cameras 16 indoors and 16 outdoors in school.”

Esha in year 7 does agree with the fact that they are in school “as you feel safer.” Many students think that “teachers feel good.” A year 7 child feels it is an invasion on your privacy and they “should be more in primary schools” as the children are younger and less mature and responsible.

Anujya in year 11 says, “it makes the environment safer.” She, like most students, thinks that teachers feel “more comfortable” with CCTV cameras in school. She says they are not an invasion of your privacy but it “depends [on] where they are.” She adds that it has had an impact on her Park High life as “as you avoid bullying.”

In conclusion, this is a very widely discussed topic as there are many people who have the same point of view. However, there are the people who think that there is no need for them. They also think this topic should not be mentioned in schools in general. They think the CCTV should only be in big places in public, like shopping centres.