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Park High School

Park High School

Written up by Neel

New games have recently popped up in 2016. Some of them include Minecraft Story Mode, Fifa 16, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, the new update for Minecraft (1.9) and much more. People all over the world are excited and games for all consoles are going fast! Some consoles that are widely used for gaming includes, Playstation3 and 4, Microsoft Windows 10, Xbox 360, Xbox 1 and much more.

Some of the popular games worldwide are,

Hitman on the 11th march- this game comes from the real film, Hitman. This game is about Hitman or Agent 47 has a mission to kidnap a woman named Diana Burnwood. However on the way he has to overcome his greatest fears. Normally he is a silent yet ruthless assassinator but now has to take care of children… People say that this is an ‘excellent mind blowing game that tells a narrative story of a person who has to pretend he is somebody he isn’t.’

Minecraft story Mode on the 13th October 2015- this game may be the best selling game. Minecraft created a new game that is about a young adult has to save the whole Minecraft world by overcoming fears and going on an adventure around the world. This adult has to fight huge creatures, kill the evil monsters of the dead and leave his friend to start a new life and much more… People say it is a ‘charming yet significant game’ and ‘looks and runs great’.

Fifa 16 on the 22 September 2015- Fifa is a ‘brilliant collectable card game’ that has the latest football players, all in one game. You can control your favourite players, who to pass and when to shoot. People say that it is ‘pretty darn good’ and ‘better than Fifa 15’. Not to forget it has the same atmosphere as if you are watching from any stadium. It is a ‘beautiful game with lots of depth in it’

Here are some of the latest news reports about Gaming all around the world. Thanks for reading.

Park High School

Thistlecroft Gardens, Stanmore,
Middlesex, HA7 1PL

Headteacher:Mr Emlyn Lumley

Phone:020 8952 2803

Map of Park High School Location
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