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Park High School

Park High School


In Geography, Gifted and Talented students are challenged to think above and beyond the learning of the classroom through a variety of ways. All topics studied have associated ‘Challenge’ questions, designed to extend the learning through critical thinking around and beyond the topic. Gifted students are encouraged to take these opportunities to further challenge their thinking on a subject, evaluating, analysisng and predicting the impact and effect of a range of issues, thinking  ‘outside of the box’.

At Key Stage 3 students identified as Gifted and Talented in Geography will often be set GCSE level exam style questions; both to prepare students for the next step in progression and challenge their current level of understanding. At Key Stage 4, G&T students will be given A-level style questions to similarly encourage higher level thinking and understanding. Students enjoy these challenges and embrace the opportunity to further their understanding through advanced level learning.

At Key Stage 3, the success criteria for assessment are clearly communicated with all students. All learners are encouraged to have a secure understanding of their current level of attainment and to know what they need to do to improve. To achieve the highest levels at Key Stage 3 in Geography requires independent research and thinking, and gifted students with potential to achieve at this level will be specifically encouraged to learn independently, becoming self-managing and curious learners.

In Geography all students are given opportunities to become leading learners both inside and outside of the classroom. Gifted geography students are specifically encouraged to engage with these challenges, regularly being encouraged to take on leadership roles within the classroom focused on developing their ideas and broadening their subject knowledge through collaboration with other learners. They are regularly encouraged to take part in open evenings and other roles of responsibility within the school.

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Headteacher Mr Emlyn Lumley

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