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By Shreya and Dhruvi in Year 8

How does Instagram affect your lives? Most of Instagram’s users are 13 to 24 year olds. It’s described as current from 42%, friendly from 40%, trendy from 39%, creative from 37%, useful from 32% and exciting from 31% (source: Social Media Week) Just over half of the users say that it helps to discover new and different interests and paths in life. According to Facebook, 63% of Instagram and Facebook users say that they do not use the latter to post what is happening in their life currently.

Social Media Week say that “it’s very possible that 13 to 24-year olds fall asleep thinking about (or even thumbing through) Instagram.” Apparently 39% of users aged 13-24 use Instagram right before going to sleep. Another 33% wake up and end up going straight to the site to see what they had missed during the night whilst they were asleep. It turns out that 69% check the site at home, 53% do it on holiday and 47% check whilst watching television. If you had Instagram then how often would you check it?

 We asked the questions, ‘How often do you use Instagram?’ and ‘How much do you think it affects you?’ Five students, who had Instagram at Park High School, were questioned and one of them said that she feels as though she can communicate to others outside of school. We interviewed someone that said he doesn’t think that Instagram affects him because he only uses it for a short while on the weekends. Yash, who is in year 8, rates Instagram 6 out of 10 and spends approximately 10-15 minutes a week on it. The last person we asked about Instagram and why she uses it is Dhruvi. She feels as though she is able to interact with others and that Instagram helps her to get to know people that she wouldn’t normally meet even though they are in the same school as her.

We researched that 32% of US teens list Instagram as their most important social network, more than any other one. We also found out that 75% of all Instagram users are from outside of the United States. Outside China, almost half of Instagram users conduct product research on social media.

Another topic we researched is the posts on Instagram. Posts with one hash tag, gain 12.6% more engagement and posts with a location receive 79% more engagement. Photos see more engagement than videos on Instagram. The average engagement per post has grown by 416% compared to two years ago. Instagram usage overall has doubled over the last two years.

Photography has changed massively over the years. A couple of bonus stats by clear evidence to that: more pictures are taken every two minutes than were taken during the entire 1800s! Beyoncé has broken their records with a picture announcing her pregnancy, which has gained more than 7.8 million likes under 24 hours. On an average day, 80 billion photos are shared. We found out that Selena Gomez has the most followers, with an incredible, 69.5 million! That is the same as Nike, which is currently the most followed brand on Instagram.

Instagram has 400 million active users and over 60% of users log in daily, making it the second most engaged social network after Facebook. Nearly a third of internet users are now on Instagram. 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35 years of age. Over a third of Instagram users have used their mobile phone to purchase a product online-making them 70% more likely to do so than non-users.

We also researched about branding on Instagram. Engagements with brands on Instagram are 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter. Half of Instagrammers follow brands, making them the social networkers who are most likely to do so. Almost three quarters of the most used hashtags are branded. 96% of US fashion brands are on Instagram and if we only look at the top 100 brands in the world, 90% have an Instagram account.

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