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Park High School

Park High School

By Sophie

For many years, people thought they saw UFO sightings from the sky, from the sea, grounds of our planet or maybe somewhere that people would never think to look.

In America, there are rumours of a secret area called Area 51. This underground bunker allegedly deals with all UFO sightings. people have said over the years, that they actually have aliens there, which have landed on the earth and been captured and taken to area 51 so scientist’s can do experiments on them. One source said:” Yes, there have been pictures of craft doing amazing maneuvers over these guarded skies, and pictures and video smuggled from inside. These smuggled articles show living and dead aliens, spacecraft of futuristic design, but still the government denies these claims..” But this is all hush hush to the world otherwise it would cause a panic.

There have been many sightings across different countries. In Mexico 1883 astronomer José Bonilla reported that he saw “more than 300 dark, unidentified objects crossing before the sun" while observing sunspot activity at Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico.

The first ever sighting was in 214 BCE. It was believed that they saw ships in the sky (but were they ships or were they space ships). The first ever UFO sighting in the UK was February 1942, a women called Eileen Arnold was walking down Cheltenham high street. Then suddenly she started to experience an altered state of consciousness. Like she became “tuned into another reality” then she saw a large oval shape moving slowly above the rooftops. But Eileen believed she has a numerous psychic.

 It’s not just us that might believe in UFO’s; some celebrities believe that there is something out there as well. Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Stephen Hawking, Robbie Williams and Olivia Newton John who believed that she saw a UFO when she was young, “I have seen one when I was very young, it was unidentified and it was flying” she said.

Even Harrow has had its very own sighting. On the 12th January 2014 in Branker Road at 12:30 am, there was a UFO sighting. Mr Jones, 55 claimed:  “As I was walking home from work, just as I was turning into my road I noticed these 8 bright orange lights, all hovering in a group! Branker Road, Harrow”.

Compelling as they are they are surely the work of attention seeking fame hungry people…Or are they? 

Park High School

Thistlecroft Gardens, Stanmore,
Middlesex, HA7 1PL

Headteacher:Mr Emlyn Lumley

Phone:020 8952 2803

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