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Park High School

Park High School

Heads of Year and a dedicated pastoral support assistant are responsible for each year group and work closely with an Assistant Headteacher, on the day to day functioning of the year group and keep the Deputy Headteacher and  Headteacher informed about each cohort. Our pastoral support assistants are key in liaising with home and school.  They will often resolve any immediate concerns parents and students may have.

Each student is a member of a tutor group. Structured tutorial work takes place in the tutor group every day. This learning covers personal development, careers education, preparation for work experience and course choice guidance. In time it eventually leads to the production of the Portfolio of Achievement and Graduation. There are two important review days each year, allowing progress to be reviewed effectively and meaningful targets to be set with the agreement of both students and parents.  This is a time when parents can sit and reflect with their child’s tutor on how the year is going.

The school has access to educational psychologists and speech and language therapists for consultation and support where needed. We also have access to a wide range of other supporting services. We involve all members of staff and all students in our pastoral system as it is a fundamental part of the curriculum of the school. 

We are constantly developing our offer to meet the needs of our young people and to help deal with the increasing pressures of our modern world. To that end, we provide additional support such as a school mental health team and animal assisted interventions, which is a growing and very popular offer.

"Whatever students individual academic or pastoral needs, staff put helpful and supportive care inplace so that all of them can enjoy school life and make progress." - Ofsted 2013

If you are concerned about a child or need to speak to someone in our Pastoral Team you can email or email the relevant Head of Year and PSA or a member of our safeguarding team directly about any concerns you may have, you can find their contact details below:

Year 7 

Head of Year

Mrs Tackley                                                    

Dedicated PSA

Mrs Nagle

Extension: 185

Year 8

Head of Year

Mr Jones           

Dedicated PSA

Mrs Quantrell

Extension: 189

Year 9 

Head of Year

Miss Perren               

Dedicated PSA

Miss Bhadresa

Extension: 186

Year 10 

Head of Year (Maternity Leave)

Ms Acheampong

Acting Head of Year

Mrs Prakash

Dedicated PSA

Mrs Ali

Extension: 187

Year 11 

Head of Year

Mr Whittakker

Dedicated PSA

Miss Myers

Extension: 188

Year 12 & 13 

Head of Sixth Form

Miss Barker

Dedicated PSA

Mr Samuels

Extension: 288

At Park High Sixth Form we want every student to feel safe and supported. We place a high value on gaining a holistic view of our students and developing an understanding of their individual needs. This starts from our induction programme which seeks to help students with the transition to post-16 study. Parent and Carers are also invited to meet the Sixth Form team in the first 2 weeks.

We recognise that post-16 programmes of study are demanding and as such want to ensure that the young people in our care have a range of resources available to draw upon during their time at our Sixth Form. This includes a dedicated pastoral staff team made up of:

  • Ms Barker the Head of Sixth Form
  • Ms Kothari the Sixth Form Administrator and safeguarding contact 
  • Mr Samuels a pastoral support assistant, who specifically monitors attendance & punctuality
  • An experienced, specialised Sixth Form tutor team. Every student is a part of a tutor group and will meet their tutor daily.

Our pastoral team is key in liaising with home and Sixth Form and is a vital link in ensuring that school and home work together to support each child. Parents and Carers are also invited to meet the Sixth Form team.

We place great importance on our extensive offer of interventions that are based on the individual needs of each student. This includes mentors, mental-health support, catch-up clubs, study skills sessions and many other activities or programmes that can support our Sixth Formers to develop and grow. We recognise that every student is different, unique and bursting with potential, and at Park High we aim to celebrate and develop this.

Safeguarding & Child Protection team

If you are concerned about a child, please ask to speak to our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Karen Wilkinson, or any of our safeguarding officers. 

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Wilkinson

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Browne

Safeguarding Officer

Miss Perren

Safeguarding Officer

Mr Jones     

Safeguarding Officer

Miss Bartle

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Kothari

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Seith


Mrs O'Dwyer  

If you are concerned about the behaviour of an employee or visitor, please ask to speak to the headteacher, Mrs O'Dwyer.

Safeguarding Governor Ms Patel

If you have any concerns about safeguarding in the school, our safeguarding governor, Mrs Sangita Patel may be contacted, or the Chair of Governors, Dr John Wise.

Other Contacts

Harrow Golden Number: 020 8901 2690 / 020 8424 0999                                      

Police: 101 (non-emergency) / 999 (emergency)                                        

NSPCC: 0800 800 500/Childline: 0800 1111                                                    

Government whistle-blowing service: 0800 028 0285 

Park High School

Thistlecroft Gardens, Stanmore,
Middlesex, HA7 1PL

Headteacher:Mrs Colette O'Dwyer

Phone:020 8952 2803

Map of Park High School Location
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