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Park High School

Park High School

Refugee Crisis

Cries for help. Every moment, every day

Refugees in Calais and Dunkurk, based in France are suffering every moment, every day and the UK needs to buckle down and help them survive. Over 100 migrants are crying for help to survive what is known as “the jungle”. There are youtube videos of the refugees pleading for help. One story really tugged the heart strings of the reporters here. There was a lady with four children whose pleading speech was “please come rescue us, I have four children who are dying of hunger and their lives are at risk. All we need is someone to get us out of here and the rest we shall earn with our own efforts”. The poor lady, like many is just asking for a decent life which everyone has a right of.

It was noted that these same 100 migrants tried to break through a fence, some of which succeeded, and entered the Eurotunnel terminal, with some making it into the tunnel itself. In the same week, A MAN DIED NEAR THE TUNNEL ENTRANCE IN CALAIS.

One elderly father told us, “our aim is to either stow away in a lorry headed towards the Eurotunnel  or cut through a fence to try and hide on the train itself.” The motivation and determination of these migrants is commendable but it is expected of us to do the best we can to provide a better future for these dear ones. However, we must not forget that unfortunately, many have passed away on their journey to survival, hence some powerful act of dignity and decency should be performed for the remaining refugee population. THEY NEED THIS COUNTRY’S LOVE AND SUPPORT, THEY NEED A CHANCE, THEY NEED A LIFE TO REMEMBER FOREVER.

By Sakina

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