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The English Baccalaureate 2013

The English Baccalaureate - Success or Failure?

By: Abeshaa, Gopi and Krishna

 The English Baccalaureate (E– Bacc) is a scheme that will take over the current General Certificate of Education (GCSE). The E-Bacc was introduced because of the lack of academic attainment in 2010.  The E-Bacc has brought distress to many people, but has also brought a sense of optimism. However, is it really going to boost the academic attainment of the future of Britain?

The E-Bacc started on 30th January 2012. The Education Minister, Michael Gove, said that “Having this method would really test the knowledge of the students taking exams aged between fifteen and sixteen.”

People are divided because there are many views towards this initiative.

Three students were asked for their opinions on what they thought about the E-Bacc:


“In my opinion I think that the E-Bacc is neither good or bad it is a pathway, it’s more of an academic route to take. It’s not good if it’s compulsory because creative subjects would be good to take with the GCSE system.”


“The Ministry of Education should not have cancelled GCSE’S as it is unfair on people that want to do GCSE’S as to E-Bacc. People should have their own way of doing things.”


“The E-Bacc is good as it is an outline for what people should achieve but people who like artistic subjects would find it hard to cope with E-Bacc.  People who enjoy creative subjects are likely to have lower grades. But people who are more interested in literate subjects are more likely to have higher grades.“

Mr Walker, an English teacher was asked to comment on the E-Bacc:

“I think that the E-Bacc could be unfair because why should all of a child’s education come down to one exam? What happens if you are sick that day?!”

There are a variety of views on this topic. How do you feel about the E– Bacc? Is this how you would want to complete your GCSEs?


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