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Park High School

Park High School

The Harlem Shake

Park High Students Shaken up.

By Priya, Madina and Zahra.

 ‘The Harlem Shake’ is a worldwide viral phenomenon, which has garnered success built upon the notorious ‘Gangnam style.’ If you don’t know what these virals are, where have you been for the last month?  Everybody from footballers to ballet dancers have recorded themselves doing the ‘Shake.’

You can do it underwater and you can do it in the air yet The Harlem Shake originated in 1981 by a Harlem resident named “ALBEE” in 1980s Harlem, New York, the dance is based on an East African dance called Eskista.

Recently at Oxford University, the Harlem Shake was performed in the famously stuffy University library.  The video of students doing the shake became so successful on Youtube that the librarian was promptly sacked.  Students are campaigning for an instant reinstatement as they feel she is not to blame.

Controversially, Year 11 Park High students also performed the Harlem shake in the drama studio. They were punished as a result and the video was removed from Youtube.

The line between technology and fun is becoming more and more blurrier.  Was it harmless fun or is it an unacceptable breach of school conduct?

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