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UK New Immigration Test – Good or Bad?

By Rahul and Chandan

The new immigration test made by the British Government is to be taken by aspiring British Citizens. The test has recently changed its focus to the Philosophy and Ethics of Britain. 

 From March 2013 the new test will come into effect. The test mainly focusses on subjects such as: Sports, Music and the History and Culture of the United Kingdom.  The test has twenty four questions and it lasts forty five minutes. A minimum score of seventy five percent is needed to pass, whereas the old test consisted of subjects such as: water meters, job interviews, internet, public transport, credit cards, health care, legal advice and training opportunities.

The test has been the centre of debate whether it is a good way to decide how people should be permitted to have a British Citizenship.

Immigration Minister Mark Harper said, “We’ve stripped out mundane information about water meters, how to find train timetables and using the internet. The new book rightly focuses on values and principles at the heart of being British. Instead of telling people how to claim benefits, it encourages participation in British life.”

On the other hand, Peter said, “So, as long as someone knows where Stonehenge is, and the name of Admiral Lord Nelson. They can have a British Passport? Is that really the best our government can come up with?”

This is what a sample of Harrow citizens said:

 “The new immigration test allows for a better understanding of Britain’s cultural heritage and therefore should benefit the bonding of the different cultures that exist in Britain.” Raj

“The old one seems more relevant to people’s lives and the new one seems vague.” Mr Walker

“I don’t agree with the new test because I am a UK citizen and I don’t know all the history of Britain. So if I don’t know, am I not eligible to live here?” Areej.

“Immigration cannot be decided through a survey, people need to be filtered in a way that we can see what achievements they have made, otherwise people will make things up to immigrate to Britain.” Riya

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