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Park High School

Park High School

Parents and carers are asked not to request absence in term time for their child as this is very unlikely to be authorised except in exceptional circumstances or if this is due to illness.

In January 2011 the Governing Body of Park High School determined that the school should not authorise absence for students during term time except in genuine emergency situations. Should you take your child out of school during term time this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence unless it can be proved that this is a genuine emergency situation. Should your emergency take you out of the UK we will ask you to provide the original travel details showing the date on which the booking was made. As a school we are duty bound to report all such absences to the Local Authority.

From September 2013 the Department of Education have informed all schools that attendance will be closely monitored and any absence categorised as unauthorised is likely to result in Harrow Local Authority issuing a penalty notice – a minimum of £60 per parent per child. Persistent unauthorised absence could lead to further fines and eventual court action.

We know that there are clear links between high levels of attendance and academic success and we do all we can to ensure that parents and carers understand this and work with us to make certain that as little schooling is missed as possible.

Unauthorised absence will also have a detrimental affect upon any individual’s chances of obtaining the highest levels of rewards in our twice yearly celebration assemblies as well as, in the upper school, negatively affecting their opportunities to achieve their much prized Graduation status.

Park High School

Thistlecroft Gardens, Stanmore,
Middlesex, HA7 1PL

Headteacher:Mrs Colette O'Dwyer

Phone:020 8952 2803

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