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Subject: Biology

Exam Board: Edexcel

Course Number: 9BIO

Course Overview: Biology A-level is designed to extend your understanding of the structure and function of living things and develop your ability to apply your understanding to explaining real-life and practical contexts. Practical work, mathematical skills and applying your knowledge to explain data forms an integral part of the course and there are 16 core practical’s on which you will be assessed on these skills in class. In addition to practical investigations, you will study the following topics in-depth:

  • Biological molecules    
  • Cells and viruses        
  • Classification
  • Modern genetics
  • Exchange and transport 
  • Energy for biological processes  
  • Microbiology and pathogens 
  • Origins of genetic variation  
  • Control systems    
  • Ecosystem

How is this A Level assessed?:

Unit Code

Unit Title

Guided Learning Hours

Term when will this be taught (2 yr course)

Assessment Details

Assessment Weighting


Advanced Biochemistry, Microbiology and Genetics


Autumn – Summer

1st Year

Examination: 90 mark paper, 1hr 45min



Advanced Physiology, Evolution and Ecology


Autumn – Spring

2nd Year

Examination: 90 mark paper, 1hr 45min



General and Practical Principles in Biology


Throughout (integrated into the other units)

Examination: 120 mark paper, 2hr 30min

[synoptic exam]



Science Practical endorsement


Throughout (integrated into the other units)

Teacher assessment of the practicals will lead to an overall mark of Pass or Fail which will be reported on the results certificate

In addition, at least 10% of the marks for each paper are awarded for mathematical skills

GCSE grades (minimum) required to enrol on this course:

B in Biology GCSE or BB in Core and Additional Science

B in Mathematics GCSE and C in English Language GCSE

What can I do with this qualification/Post-18 progression opportunities/ university subjects which this course supports:

Biology is a rigorous academic subject that forms an excellent foundation for any form of study or career in which the ability to make links, research and retain knowledge, discuss and debate controversial issues and have a thorough understanding of scientific investigations are required. Popular post-18 choices include studying Biology or associated specialties (Biochemistry, Genetics, Physiology etc.) and studying Medicine or medical-related courses such as Dentistry, Optometry, or Physiotherapy.

Other A Level Subjects which support academic attainment/ complement learning

Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education

Essential Textbook incl ISBN

  • Edexcel AS/A Level Biology B Book 1 978-1447991144
  • Edexcel A Level Biology B Book 2 978-1447991151

Note: Book 1 is needed for the 1st year of the course and Book 2 is needed for the 2nd year of the course

Recommended supplementary resources- websites, blogs, journals:

Biological Sciences Review (access through Canvas)

Course specific equipment- include place to purchase and typical cost or estimate:

A Lab coat is required for all practical lessons in Biology and Chemistry. These can bought locally from Workwear World Ltd., 441-445 Honeypot lane, Stanmore. Approx. cost £16.

Out of lesson learning including trips and visits:

There is usually a field trip to study Ecology and sampling habitats. Approx. cost £100 for a non-residential trip. There are other opportunities for attending non-compulsory courses of interest to Biology students throughout the year. These vary and usually cost £0-30.

Lead Teacher to contact:

Ms Firth

Quote from current student:

“Biology has been interesting and the lessons are creatively planned – not just standard and boring! It has been an enjoyable course – especially the practicals!”

Fyshna Bhanderi

Address Park High School, Thistlecroft Gardens, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 1PL

Headteacher Mr Emlyn Lumley

Phone 0208 952 2803

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