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Year 11

Year 11

For students who study two science GCSEs, the Core Science qualification is largely completed in Year 10 and the Additional Science qualification is completed by the end of Year 11.

Some students study for three science GCSEs, the Biology, Chemistry and Physics qualifications are completed across Years 10 and 11.

Controlled assessment for all students is completed in Year 11.

Examinations for science courses take place in the summer of Year 11.

Course specification

Two Science GCSEs           AQA             4405            GCSE Science A (Core)

                                      AQA             4408            GCSE Additional Science A

Three Science GCSEs        AQA             4401            GCSE Biology

                                      AQA             4402            GCSE Chemistry

                                      AQA             4403            GCSE Physics


Two science GCSEs

Core Science - 3 terminal examinations (25% each); controlled assessment (25%).

Additional Science as Core.

Three science GCSEs

Biology - 3 terminal examinations (25% each); controlled assessment (25%).

Chemistry and Physics as Biology.

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Head of Science:    Mr Scott