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Year 7

Year 7


Project Title

Theme Overview

Material learning objectives

Core skill/ Formal Elements:



Base Line

Students are tested on their core skills through a variety of short tasks.

1.     Drawing and recording skills from Still Life

1.     Primary Observation




·         Discovering the artists Hundertwasser and Gina Tripplet.

·         Exploring cultural symbols and patterns

·         Designing buildings and landscapes using different media, in the style of the artists.

·         Poly plate printing

·         Batik

·         Resist

·         Collage

·         Silk

·         Felting

·         Photoshop

Explore use of 2D media and core skills through mark making, colour mixing/ blending, line experiments and recording methods.



·         Mark making

·         Textiles

·         Collage

Main Formal elements used:

Colour, Line, Shape. Tone, Composition for expressive intentions.



Natural and Man Made forms

This is a drawing and painting fine art unit designed to improve student’s observational skills.

Drawing from real life and capturing realistic tone and 3D form.

·         Primary observation

·         Use of detail

·         Shading for tone and 3D form

·         Paint: colour mixing, layering & brush marks

Main Formal elements used:

Colour, Line, Shape. Composition, Tone for realistic intentions.



·         Explore and observe ‘bugs’

·         mixed media and print with a back ground inspired by puzzle/maze/camouflage’ and technology today.

·         Fantasy bug design

·         Clay bugs & recycled bugs

·         Graphics – stamp design

·         Group/paired paper mache bugs

·         Graphic design – stamp bugs

Exploring 3D form.


On going development of 3D media use.

·         3D - Modelling skills (carving, scoring, using slip etc. Construction and joining.

·         2D – mono printing, illustration and mixed media.

Main Formal elements used:

Form, Shape, Texture.