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Park High School

Park High School

Year 10

This year is about encouraging students to develop their ability to write fluently, effectively and in detail. They will also be studying off the school site which studying the Castles course.


International Relations 1945-2001

  1. The start of the Cold War
    1. Considering the reasons for growing tension between the USA and the USSR.
  2. Proxy War
  3. Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis
  4. Controversy- Blame for the Cold War
  5. Aftermath of the Cold War

Germany: The People and the State, 1925-1955

  1. The Rise of the Nazis
    1. Examining how Hitler’s party went from the fringes of German politics to a dictatorship
  2. Life in Nazi Germany
  3. Understanding what it was like for ordinary Germans, the Nazis and their victims in Nazi Germany
  4. Looking at how Germany and their allied occupiers rebuilt and changed Germany in the 10 years after Hitler’s defeat.
  5. The Legacy of the Nazis

The Historical environment: Castles

  1. The Development of Castles
    1. How and why Castles were built across Britain.
  2. How Castles became obsolete
  3. The development of gunpowder and Early modern warfare.
  4. An Examination of a historical site- in this case Framlingham Castle in Surrey.
  5. Case Study- Framlingham Castle

NB- As part of this course will be running a trip visit a number of castles, at the end of Year 10.

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