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Park High School

Park High School

Year 7

Autumn 1

Computer Crime

Pupils will learn about a variety of malware and computer threats. This unit also looks into the legal, and social aspects as well as the health & safety aspects of using computers and the internet. 

Autumn 2

Video editing

Students will create a video advert. They will film, act and edit the video in order to produce a final cut advertisement for a chosen product. This topic gives them an opportunity to work as part of a team.

Winter 1


In this unit pupils will learn a few ways of encrypting messages and the importance of encryption. The main focus will be to learn about how computers use binary. They will use their newly acquired skills to translate to and from binary codes. 

Winter 2

My First Computer

In this practical unit pupils will learn about the various hardware parts that make up a computer. They will do some research into how motherboards, CPUs, video cards, and other internal components work. They will use this knowledge to create an interactive tutorial on those topics using Visual Basic programming language (VBA).

Summer 1


This highly engaging unit which gives pupils the possibility to learn how to program games. Using the software Kodu, they learn about sequence, algorithm, variables, and other programming concepts. By the end of the unit, the students will have produced their own game.

Summer 2

Kodu + Graphics

In addition to the previous unit, students will consider the wider aspects of a finished game. They will create a cover image and a logo that promotes their game in the best possible way. They will also create an advert in an attempt to sell their game.

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