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Park High School

Park High School

Year 9

Philosophy and Ethics (Religious Studies) Full Course

WJEC Eduqas

Component 1: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies in the Modern World

Written examination: 2 hours

50% of qualification

Candidates will study the following four themes. All questions are compulsory.

  • Theme 1: Issues of Relationships
  • Theme 2: Issues of Life and Death
  • Theme 3: Issues of Good and Evil
  • Theme 4: Issues of Human Rights

This component will be assessed by compulsory questions focusing on knowledge, understanding and evaluation of the identified themes.

Component 2: Study of Religion

Written examination: 2 hour

50% of qualification

Candidates will study the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity and one other religion. 

Below is an example of topics studied:

Beliefs and teachings

Specific Content

The nature of God

Issues of omnipotence, a loving and omni-benevolent, omnipresent, and righteous God and the existence of evil and suffering; the Trinity, beliefs and teachings about the oneness of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Beliefs and teachings on creation; the role of Word and Spirit

(Genesis 1 – 3 and John 1)

Jesus Christ

Beliefs and teachings about Jesus’ incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension


Beliefs and teachings about salvation including law, sin, grace and the Spirit, the role of Christ in salvation and the nature of atonement

The afterlife

Beliefs and teachings about life after death, judgement, resurrection, heaven and hell



Specific Content

Forms of worship

The nature and significance of liturgical, informal and individual worship; the nature and importance of prayer; the Lord’s Prayer, set prayers, ex tempore (without preparation) and informal prayers


The different attitudes to the importance of Sacraments; the role and meaning of Baptism and Eucharist


The importance of pilgrimage such as to Walsingham, Taizé, Iona and the Holy Land

The Church in the local community

The role of the Church in the local community; a place of worship; social and community functions

The worldwide Church

The importance of mission, evangelism and church growth; the work of Christian Aid; the challenges for the worldwide church; persecution; working for reconciliation

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