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Year 9

Year 9

Knowledge and understanding

 The skills and knowledge developed in Year 9 are directly linked to those needed in the five different GCSEs and BTEC in Engineering.

Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE

      ·         Hygiene in food storage and handling.

·         Food preparation, combing and shaping skills.

·         Starch based sauces, reduction sauce, and emulsion sauces.

·         Making bread and pastry dough.

·         Steam, egg, chemical and biological raising agents.

·         Setting with eggs.

·         Building knowledge of healthy eating, nutrition and the consequences of a poor diet.

      ·         Master chef competition. 

Product Design GCSE

     ·         Using cultural influences to design and model a building to scale.

·         CAD CAM project – introduction to CAD and CAM to create a mould for mass production.

·         Design a product for the future – designing to meet the need of a target group. Model ideas and produce a prototype.

     ·         Garden wildlife project – design and manufacture a wooden product to encourage wildlife into gardens. 

Textiles GCSE

      ·         Skills in construction techniques such as pleats, gathers, seams, fastenings, hems and pockets.

·         Use these skills to design and make a bag.

·         Textiles and sustainability including ethical fashion. Recycle a clothing product.

·         Pattern cutting – customising and developing garments.

      ·         Timed practical assessment from pattern (above)

Engineering (GCSE and BTEC)

      ·         Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture – acrylic egg cup and Xs and Os.

·         Problem solving team activity using electric motors - Wacky racer.

·         Mechanisms and motion - Grabber challenge.

·         Structures – perfect pylons.

·         Metal shaping – tie holder.

·         Technical drawing – 3rd angle orthographic projection, isometric, exploded and dimensioning.

      ·         Electronic egg timer – theory of electronic components and circuit building. CAD/CAM casing.

Electronics GCSE

      ·         Electronics license.

·         Introduction to CAD.

Developing theory and application of knowledge for:

·         Capacitor circuit.

·         Transistor circuit.

·         Flip flop circuit.

·         Thyristor breadboard circuit.

·         555 Astable

·         Blinking light

·         Flashing decorations.

·         555 Monostable

·         Bag alarm

·         Clap switch

      ·         Advanced CAD unit.