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Year 9

Year 9


Single lessons will be used as skill acquisition and practice.  Newspaper and GCSE Wider World (available in the school library) magazine articles will be analysed each week and students will be asked to lead this part of the lesson.  Keywords will be used and practised regularly.  Exam style questions will be introduced gradually and broken down to ensure understanding of their requirements.

Home-learning expectations

Home-learning will be set on a regular basis such as finding an article related to Geography for the single lessons and learning key terms.  Other home-learning tasks will be set as appropriate and may take up to an hour, as at GCSE.

If home-learning is not completed students must expect an immediate sanction and subsequent monitoring.

Please note that this is all GCSE preparation and within each unit there will be some focus on GCSE skill acquisition.   All of the topics in the Year 9 course support the WJEC/Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Geography B course that students will work towards over the coming year.

Autumn 1

How, where and why is the world’s population changing?

·         What is development?

·         Can development be measured?

·         How has the population of the UK changed over time and why?

·         What are the causes and consequences of migration?

Autumn 2

What makes areas attractive to visitors?

·         Why do visitors choose to visit different places?

·         What are National Parks?

·         What are the different uses of National Parks?

·         What are the conflicts in National Parks and why?

Spring 1

How is Brazil developing?

·         Where is Brazil and what is it like?

·         Where do people in Brazil live and why?

      ·         What is Brazil’s place in the world?

Spring 2

Practicing GCSE Geographical skills (tbc)

·         Students to practice geographical skills such as using maps, graphs and interpreting data in various contexts as required by the new specifications.

·         Focus on mathematical techniques used at GCSE

Summer 1

What is the importance of rivers?

·      Why do rivers occur where they do?

·      What natural and human events can cause flooding?

·      What are the consequences of flooding?

·      Will water ever run out?

Summer 2

British or European? (tbc)

· What is the difference between Europe, the European Union and the Eurozone?

· What are the implications of movement within Europe?

   · What is the current situation in Europe?