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Year 9 Dance

Year 9 Dance

Performance Skills, Dance History and Technique

·         Students develop a clear and comprehensive knowledge of dance performance skills including: physical skills and attributes, technical skills, expressive skills, mental skills, safe working practices.

·         Students learn how to develop these skills through their dance practice.

·         The history of dance is introduced to students through workshop lessons, where they study a variety of techniques such as Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and Cultural styles.

·         Students also learn about the health and fitness of a dancer – gaining insight to healthy lifestyles and injury prevention.

Dance History and Technique cont.

Study of Set Work 1: Emancipation of Expressionism

·         Students continue to learn about dance history and styles, leading into a focus on Urban Dance.

·         Students are then introduced to Set Work 1: Emancipation of Expressionism. An urban piece, students explore this work both practically and theoretically which will inform their written examination.

Students develop their choreographic and performance skills throughout the unit, and will work with a visiting practitioner.

Showcase Performance Creation

·         Using the work explored last half term, students collaboratively with the class and their teacher, create a piece of dance performance which will be performed at the Dance and Drama Showcase in February 2017.

This gives the students the opportunity to work together as a company and give an outstanding performance.

Study of Set Work 2: Shadows

·         Key dance appreciation skills are learnt in this exciting scheme;

·         Students, through theoretical and practical tasks, begin to gain understanding and knowledge of the next professional work in preparation for their written examinations.

Students also develop their choreographic and performance skills as they learn key repertoire from the work.

Study of Set Work 3: Within Her Eyes

·         This exciting work allows students to develop their understanding of site-specific dance and dance for the camera.

·         As the students study the theoretical aspects of the work, they will also create their own site-specific performances, whilst exploring use of camera in dance.

Continuation of Set Work 3, plus revision for end of year examinations.

·         Students continue to create their final practical performances for assessment.

Students revise over all written work (including all three set works) in preparation for a final written paper at the end of term.

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