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Student Leadership Awards

Student Leadership Awards

Bronze Award

All students are actively encouraged to successfully access the Bronze Award.

It takes ten weeks to achieve the award and in doing so, students will receive recognition from six subject areas that they are able to manage themselves and support others, in their day to day lessons.

Many students are unaware of these fundamental skills being the foundation for leadership. In every contact book, the Bronze award is explained with spaces for staff signatures. Further information regarding this is available in the PDF entitled Bronze Leadership Award. 

Successful completion of this award is the springboard to the Siver Award.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves further by engaging in the Silver Award which in turn leads to the Gold. Success in the Silver is not a prerequisite for fulfilment since it is the challenge and the journey that students must take which enhances their leadership skills.

If there are any questions which relate to these awards, please do not hesitate to speak with Mr Darby.
  1. Bronze Leadership Award
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