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False Advertising and Food Companies


Research shows that a number of food companies are falsely misleading consumers whilst advertising their ‘Healthy’ products.

A study from  Oxford University found that there was a striking lack of evidence to support the vast majority of sports related products that make claims related to enhance performance or even recovery. A staggering half of all the websites for these products provided no evidence for their claims. No systematic reviews were found, and overall the evidence based was judged to be at a high risk of bias.

It has been confirmed through research that even the self-proclaimed `Healthy` cereals do not always live up to their `Healthy` name. Cereals like Crunchy Nut, Cherrios and Raisin Bran, for example, contain as much sugar as Frosties- a product well known for its high sugar content.

Research also proves that many `Healthy` products; such as Activia`s boast of having 0% fat, when in fact at closer look, they often have traceable amounts. Others write `NO added sugar` while they actually contain sugar.

The consumer laws however do clearly state that all marketing and advertising must be legal, truthful and an accurate description of the product. This means that if companies make a claim about a product, they must be able to prove what they say. Breaking such regulations could lead to being fired, prosecuted, or even imprisonment.

Consumers are highly recommended to read the food labels carefully and not just the front packaging where the language can be easily misleading or misinterpreted. 

by Hinna and Momoka

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