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Our aim at Park is to educate students in a caring environment where they can learn effectively and achieve their full potential at school. We encourage this both in the general ethos of the school and in the principles we impart to the students.

Park High School has a distinctive ethos and it is about investing in young people. We combine the best traditional values with a leading role in important and exciting new developments in education. In particular, we value: - A working atmosphere. Pupils come to school to learn and it is our job to help them.

High achievement is our central aim - Respect and good manners.

These are fundamental to our community. We have high expectations about behaviour, respect, politeness and the consideration which should be shown to others. In this we are both supportive and firm. - Developing maturity and capability. We know we are helping to provide the foundations for a successful and happy adult life. Our pupils must leave us not only with good qualifications but also with a wide range of skills to help them in an ever changing world.

We value responsibility, initiative and enterprise and build these into our curriculum. Qualifications, of course, are extremely important and our examination results speak for themselves. But we are also proud of all the other ways in which our pupils achieve to a high standard, for example in the arts and sports.

To encourage these achievements we promote high achievement in a learning community. We provide a stimulating and caring environment so that all members of the school can grow in knowledge, skills, understanding and character and achieve to the best of their ability.

We have a strong sense of purpose. We encourage our pupils to be enthusiastic about learning and positive about the future; to have high self-esteem and be confident and successful in what they do; to have understanding and respect for others; to have the ability and desire to further their own development and contribute to the society in which we live. We believe in the equality of opportunity and in celebrating success of all kinds.