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Student Leadership Schemes

We are passionate about raising student awareness in regards to leadership, what it may entail and how they are able to utilise the characteristics and qualities associated with leadership in their everyday lives.

Student leadership at Park High is one of inclusivity; leadership is about learning together. At Park High we set high standards for all of our learners nurturing successful, confident and responsible citizens who enjoy and achieve, who recognise the benefits of making a positive contribution will undoubtedly improve their future opportunities. Student leadership has the potential to be the vehicle for these aspirations.

All students have the potential to be leaders. One of our roles is to help to equip and empower students to adopt positive roles in school and in the local community, providing the foundations for responsible adult citizens.

There are many opportunities within lessons and beyond which will raise awareness and afford opportunities to all who attend Park High School, on the right are some of the leadership schemes we offer here at Park High.