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Webinars & Opportunities

Webinars & Opportunities

Virtual classroom for students in Year 7 to 9

Queen Mary Virtual classroom for students in Year 7 to 9.

This virtual classroom contains the following lessons that you can access, at any time. Please note, we will also have student ambassadors available between 2pm and 4pm every Wednesday who will be on hand to answer any questions about the content.

  • Developing your skills and personal qualities - When you are at University, you will have the opportunity to participate in ‘clubs’ known as societies. This lesson will provide an opportunity for you to follow your interests or learn and try something new altogether.
  • GCSE choices and personal interests - Choosing your GCSE options can be a bit overwhelming – how do you know what subjects you enjoy the most and will do best in? This lesson will help you to decide what subjects you might be interested in studying at GCSE and how these choices could link to career pathways. 
  • Benefits of Higher Education - In this lesson, you will explore the benefits of studying at University, including academic, social and employability benefits. 

 We are adding content all the time, so be sure to check back regularly.


Allied Health Professional Online Work-Related Learning 

When is it?

Students can expect to be enrolled into the programme by June 1st. The online work-related learning programme is available on-demand and is free to complete anytime, from anywhere.

When is the deadline?

As this programme is on-demand, there is no deadline for applications.

Am I eligible?

This programme is open to students that are aged between 14-25 years old, and live in South East England.


What’s involved

Live workshops with employers

You’ll meet professionals in live
workshops and be able to ask
them questions.

Work and assignments

You’ll complete activities and work assignments to develop skills and knowledge.

Fits into your schedule

Complete all work and assignments at times that are suitable to you.

Work Ready Virtual Experience  

Developing soft skills virtually.This Virtual Experience is free for all students.

Work-readiness skills are the behavioural skills that enable school and college students to transition effectively into the world of work, and to rapidly add value to their organisations. Research suggests these skills are vital under normal circumstances, with both employers and students citing them as desirable in enhancing performance and efficacy. 

Covid-19 is making the already challenging transition from education to work even more ambiguous and difficult. Isolation, uncertainty and the prospect of working remotely require new, additional skills. 

We are offering a range of free virtual experiences which are designed to arm you specifically with the work-readiness skills that will help you to navigate these challenging times, and empower you to thrive as you seek and secure work experience and apprenticeships. 


GetMyFirstJob, Work experience  

Work experience is often favoured by employers and can help you decide what career you want to have. Work experience can last anything from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the work experience programme that you apply for.


Speakers for Schools Virtual Work Experience 


Speakers for Schools is proud to announce the launch of the Speakers for Schools Virtual Work Experience (VWEX) programme. To address the need for high quality work experience, in communities which often have a disconnect between the aspirations of young people, and the presence of outstanding employers.


PRIME law work placement 

Everyone can access law.
You included.

There are certain things you need to be a lawyer. You’ve got to be determined. Hard-working. Switched on to the world around you. But at PRIME, we know those are traits anyone can have. They can’t be bought. They don’t come from private school education, or your parents’ finances. They’re part of who you are, and the person you want to be. So if you want to work in law, you can come from any background at all. Any culture. Any social group. If you’ve got the right attitude, you can become a great lawyer. It all starts here, with legal work experience from PRIME.

What we look for: In order to apply to a PRIME work placement, you must meet the following qualifying criteria....

School age

You’re in one of:

  • Year 9 to Year 13 (England & Wales)
  • S2 to S6 (Scotland)
  • Year 3 to 4, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth (Northern Ireland)
  • 4th Year to 6th Year (Republic of Ireland)

At a state school

You’re attending, and have attended from aged 11, a state-funded, non-fee-paying school/college.

First to attend University

You grew up in a household where no parent or guardian attended University.

You must also meet one or more of the following....

– You are currently in receipt of, or have previously received, free school meals, Pupil Premium, Education Maintenance Allowance and/or 16 to 19 Bursary

– You have been, or are currently, in local authority care (for a period of 3 months or longer)

– You are, or have been, a full-time or part-time carer

– You came to the UK as a refugee or asylum seeker

– You are attending a state school or college with:
a) below average A-Level or Higher point score and/or
b) low rate of progression to higher education.
(click here for more information)

Note: young people who meet the local authority care criterion do not need to meet any other criterion. These criteria are not exhaustive and may be amended over time.


18 October How to Write a Great First CV 

How to Write Your Great First CV by Dale Willis - Founder - My Great First Job CIC

Mon, October 18, 2021

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM BST

Register Here

A FREE interactive online workshop to help young people write a CV that really sells their skills....and helps them get a Great First Job!

We will cover:

How to write a great Summary Statement

What order to put your CV in (and why that can sometimes change)

How to lay out your qualifications

Why your part time jobs are really important...and how to present them

Interests? Is anyone interested in your interests? Of course they are!

What should I do about references?

What design templates to use......and which ones to avoid

20-21 October RMA Virtual Careers Event   

The event will be open from 12-6pm each day.

Open to years 10, 11, 12 + 13, this is your chance to find out more about apprenticeships and the opportunities available in 2021/22.

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12:00-12:30PM: Networking in employer booths - Speak directly to companies and ask any burning questions you may have

12:30-13:00PM: University of Law (Headline Sponsor) presentation

13:10-13:40PM: Aldi (Silver Sponsor) presentation 

13:50-14:20PM: Vodafone (Silver Sponsor) presentation - "Life as an Apprentice at Vodafone & Our Interview Tips!"

14:30-15:00PM: PwC presentation

15:10-15:40PM: Abrdn presentation

15:50-16:20PM: Centrica presentation - "Join our Revolution"

16:30-17:00PM: AstraZeneca (Silver Sponsor) presentation

17:10-17:40PM: RateMyApprenticeship Panel - With current apprentices from University of Law, Aldi, Vodafone, AstraZeneca and Mazars


12:00-12:30PM: Networking in employer booths - Speak directly to companies and ask any burning questions you may have

12:30-13:00PM: BDO presentation - "From School Leaver to Partner"

13:10-13:40PM: CMS presentation - "Careers in Law with CMS"

13:50-14:20PM: Deloitte presentation

14:30-15:00PM: DLA Piper presentation - "Paralegal and Solicitor Apprenticeships at DLA Piper"

15:10-15:40PM: KPMG presentation - "Life as a KPMG Apprentice"

15:50-16:20PM: Mazars presentation

16:30-17:00PM: Siemens presentation - "Outstanding Apprenticeships at Siemens"

17:10-17:40PM: The Dyson Institute presentation

17:50 - 18:20PM: Networking in employer booths - Speak directly to companies and ask any burning questions you may have



9 December In year 11 and thinking about university? Not sure what to study next year? 

Offered by the University of Hertfordshire

9 December, 16.30-17.15

Join us to hear our helpful tips for choosing the sixth form/college courses which are right for your future. We’ll also discuss how your level 3 choices will help you to feel confident in your first year and bust some myths about what universities are really looking for. 

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