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Sixth Form Pastoral Support

At Park High Sixth Form we want every student to feel safe and supported. We place a high value on gaining a holistic view of our students and developing an understanding of their individual needs. This starts from our induction programme which seeks to help students with the transition to post-16 study. Parent and Carers are also invited to meet the Sixth Form team in the first 2 weeks.

We recognise that post-16 programmes of study are demanding and as such want to ensure that the young people in our care have a range of resources available to draw upon during their time at our Sixth Form. This includes a dedicated pastoral staff team made up of:

  • Mr Clarke the Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs Pindoria Deputy Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs Rahman the Sixth Form Administrator 
  • A pastoral support assistant, who specifically monitors attendance & punctuality
  • An experienced, specialised Sixth Form tutor team. Every student is a part of a tutor group and will meet their tutor daily.

Our pastoral team is key in liaising with home and Sixth Form and is a vital link in ensuring that school and home work together to support each child. Parents and Carers are also invited to meet the Sixth Form team.

We place great importance on our extensive offer of interventions that are based on the individual needs of each student. This includes mentors, mental-health support, catch-up clubs, study skills sessions and many other activities or programmes that can support our Sixth Formers to develop and grow. We recognise that every student is different, unique and bursting with potential, and at Park High we aim to celebrate and develop this.

Head of Sixth Form Mr Clarke lclarke138.310@parkhighstanmore.org.uk
Deputy Head of Sixth Form  Mrs Pindoria mpindoria1.310@parkhighstanmore.org.uk
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