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Dress Code

Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school and are expected to uphold and embody the standards expected of students in lower years. This means that members of the Sixth Form must maintain consistently high personal standards of dress and smartness of appearance.

We aim to nurture a strong sense of maturity in all our students. Part of this requires that we ask them to practice taking their responsibilities seriously each day as they prepare for their learning. We expect our students to dress with pride, in a conservative manner appropriate for an educational setting.

The aim is for students to be guided by the principles of appropriate smart dress. There should be a clear distinction between what is worn in the evening, on holiday or at the weekend and what is worn during the working week. We expect such clothing to be clean and tidy, typical of what is acceptable in an adult, corporate environment.

Suitable dress

The following are intended as guidelines for suitable dress:

  • Suit, blouse or shirt and tie.
  • Smart trousers and shirts, which are tucked in to the waistband at all times.
  • Collared polo shirts are acceptable.
  • Black jeans which are not faded in any way are acceptable. Ripped jeans, or jeans of any other colour are not acceptable.
  • Jackets, or jumpers in a plain pattern.
  • Smart, fully plain light brown, dark brown or black footwear.
  • Dresses and skirts, at or below the knee are acceptable. Shorter (no more than 4cm above the knee) skirts are permissible if worn with dark opaque tights.
  • Midriffs, décolletage and shoulders should be covered at all times.

Unsuitable dress

The following athletic or casual wear is not permitted:

  • Hoodies
  • Trainers ‘soft sports shoe suitable for casual wear’
  • Hats/caps
  • Any visible items of clothing that have large lettering, logos or slogans
  • Denim jeans which are not black
  • Leggings, or other very form-fitting trousers
  • “Combat” or cargo trousers
  • T-shirts including round neck
  • Tracksuit tops or bottoms
  • Beach wear
  • Sweatpants
  • Flip-flops
  • Shorts
  • UGG boots

Students should not have any visible body piercing other than pierced ears. Visible tattoos are prohibited.
Clothing that is too revealing or likely to cause embarrassment of self or others must be avoided. If you are not sure if something is acceptable, choose something else or enquire first.


Consequences of not following the dress code:

  • Inappropriate clothing or footwear will result in the student receiving a phone call home.
  • If a student does wear clothing or footwear deemed inappropriate for school the student may be sent home to change clothes by one of the Sixth Form team.
  • Failure to comply with these requests will result in further formal sanctions.
  • Accepting and adhering to our dress code remains a condition of entry.
  • Senior staff are the final arbiters.