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Charity Fundraising

In line with the school’s ethos, “… contribute positively to society as responsible citizens”, Park High is committed to actively promoting charitable giving and volunteering to support those less fortunate than ourselves.  In turn, this promotes the School’s Character Virtues of compassion, curiosity, teamwork, integrity and resilience. 

Examples of our commitment to charity work include our annual foodbank collection, participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, voluntary work, fundraising and outreach work with community partners. 

We have four strategic principles which guide our work, enabling us to work at a school, local, national and international levels: 

  • Empowerment through education 

  • Community and Social Responsibility 

  • Global Outlook 

  • Student-led Initiatives 


Charity Amount raised

Cancer Research (Shine Walk)


Children in Need


Breast Cancer Awareness (Wear Pink)


Poppy Day


MacMillan Coffee Morning


Colindale Food Bank

Over 40 boxes of food/goods were donated 

Pervious Years


Mind £114.89
Save the Children  £110
DEC appeal Turkey & Syria £662.36
Molly rose foundation £495.00
Total to charities £1382.25


Red Nose Day £1,353.70
Inner joy foundation £39.55
Dig deep  £114.02
Save the Children  £114.00
The Diversity Trust £96.01
Breast Cancer £38.67
Total to charities £1,755.95


Emergency Relief for India £3709.00
British Asian Trust Oxygen Appeal  £3,709.00
Mind harrow  £1,320.00
Harrow Foodbank £1,960.00
Young minds £1,320.00
stem 4 £2,640.00
Macmillan Cancer Support £660.00
Total to charities £15,318.00


Macmillan Cancer Support £328.00
Total to charities £328.00


Mind harrow  £87.55
World AIDS Day £17.90
Indonesia tsunami  £1,482.47
Total to charities £1,587.92


Adra Thailand  keeping girls safe £1,000.00
National Aids trust £49.50
Anti Bullying alliance  £119.50
Macmillan cancer support  £38.00
Mind harrow  £1,306.43
Mind harrow  £190.69
Downs syndrome association £1,000.00
Alzheimer society £150.00
Enfest/Mind harrow  £224.90
Total to charities £4,213.47


Charity Events and How Much we have raised so far 2016-17:  
Chiyawa school  £500.00
Firm Foundation £300.00
Children In Need £105.24
Macmillan Cancer Support £59.95
Cancer Research UK £59.95
Little Princess Trust £106.88
The WISH Centre £477.70
MENCAP  £1000.00
Total sent to Charities  £2,609.72

Grenfell Tower Fire Contributions

Park High pulled together to donated to the awful heart-breaking incident at the Grenfell Tower fire in London resulting in death, injury and homelessness for hundreds of families.

They were in need of essentials like Water, Toothbrushes, Wet wipes / baby wipes, Nappies, Sanitary products, Deodorants, wash products, Hair brushes, combs, bands, Towels, Sleeping bags,  clothes and Small cuddly teddies and toys.

Mrs Nagle liaised with officials and arranged donations for those affected, and organised to have the donations to be sorted, repacked and delivered.

We know it will never undo this terrible tragedy but really shows the community spirit here at Park, a little or a lot it all adds up. A massive thank you to Mrs Nagle who organised it all.

MENCAP Contributions

In July 2017 the Year 8 Community Group presented a cheque for £1000 to the Pinner branch of MENCAP in order for the members to purchase new equipment for their social club. Year 8 were extremely successful in their fundraising activities in both Year 7 and the last academic year, raising nearly £5000 in Charity Week and the ‘50’ Project in PE lessons.


Accordion content


Charity Events and How Much Raised 2014 - 15:  
Mencap £1,000.00
St Lukes £842.45
Save the Children £199.70
Readathon £107.00
The Wish Centre £842.46
Red Nose Day £2,556.23
Grief encounter £540.00
DEC Nepal Earthquake £540.00
Free the Children £246.74
The Disability Foundation £415.97
British Heart Foundation £339.36
Cancer Research UK £876.63
Guide Dogs £39.34
British Red Cross £31.17
Water Aid £15.64
St Lukes Hospice £339.18
Khalsa Aid £399.19
Platelet Charity £1,000.00
Total Raised £10,331.06