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School Uniform

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All Students

Pupils are expected to wear school uniform at all times with the exception of the charity 'non uniform' days and on some fieldwork sessions. We aim to keep the uniform simple, functional and smart.  The school's uniform policy is supported by parents, pupils, governor and staff. We rely upon parents accepting a place at Park High School to support us actively in upholding it. 

Any student breaking any aspect of this policy will face the possibility of being given a uniform slip-; two of these in any one day will result in an official detention.

Please label all uniform items with the child's name.

 Blazer: Navy blue, standard style - with school badge. To be worn at all times unless otherwise directed

Pullover: Navy blue, plain knit 'V' neck long sleeves or sleeveless (not cardigan)

Shirt: Standard plain white. Must be tucked in at all times. No polo shirts.

Tie: Park High School tie. Each year group has a different coloured tie, which must be smartly tied with the top shirt button fastened.

Socks: Plain grey, navy or white.

Shoes: Suitable plain black or dark brown, with a low heel (not trainers, not canvas, or above the ankle). Please note black sports trainers, such as Nike, Puma, Vans etc, are also not permitted.

Skirt: Navy blue, plain, suitable length and style, (not mini-skirts or black in colour).

Tights: Plain navy blue, black or neutral.

Trousers: Plain dark grey, black or navy blue; plain, full length, standard cut.

Headscarf: This should be in the school colours: plain black or navy (or white in Summer) and it should be worn so that the school tie is clearly visible.  It must be tucked into the blazer where necessary and not be decorative or unduly lengthy to cause a health and safety risk.

If students attend school in inappropriate uniform, we keep a stock of suitable items in school and they will be expected to wear these until a suitable replacement has been made (such as plimsolls to replace trainers)

PE Kit

All students must wear full PE kit for all PE lessons.

Polo shirt: White with school logo or plain white polo shirt with no branding.

Shorts: Dark blue shorts* with no branding.

Socks: White or black sports socks. For football lessons, red ‘football style’ socks should be worn (they should be suitable for keeping shin pads in place).

Footwear: Trainers. Astroturf trainers (or football boots with short plastic/rubber studs).

*We encourage all students to wear shorts to allow a full range of movement, however students may wear navy blue tracksuit bottoms (plain; no branding) if they wish.

Optional extras

Fleece: Navy blue fleece with school logo and/or Navy rain jacket*.

Tracksuit bottoms: Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms with no branding.* A note is provided if these are to be worn in all PE lessons

Undergarments: Undergarments such as a white base layer or black leggings can be worn beneath shorts and/or polo shirts.

Undergarments: Leggings (which must be plain black), can warn underneath shorts.

Shin pads are required for football. Students will not be able to take part in competitive football scenarios without shin pads.

Mouth guard

All personal effects (such as jewellery) must be removed. Long hair must be tied back. Inhalers can be brought to the lesson if they are needed. Students may bring a bottle of water to a lesson if they wish to do so. Valuables (e.g. cash) should not be brought into the changing rooms. Aerosols are not allowed; deodorants should be roll on. Ties and personal effects should be zipped inside blazer pockets after changing.

Any exceptions to the rules outlined above must be agreed in advance of a PE lesson. Students should email their PE teacher or speak with their PE teacher, about the exception, to get that agreement.

All items of clothing should be labelled with name and tutor group

Additional items

Headscarf: This should be in the school colours: plain black or navy (or white in Summer) and it should be worn so that the school tie is clearly visible.  It must be tucked into the blazer where necessary and not be decorative or unduly lengthy to cause a health and safety risk.

Top Coats: Coats of special value or which are not normally associated with school wear (e.g. with emblems, studs or leather etc.) will not be suitable. Coats should not be worn inside the school buildings.

Jewellery: Jewellery must be kept to an absolute minimum, only small, plain stud earrings will be accepted. No facial piercings are allowed. Any jewellery worn will have to be removed for certain practical lessons. No responsibility can be accepted for its loss.

Hair & Make up: Any make-up must be discreet. Hair colouring must be discreet and natural. No vivid colours are permitted.

Long and/or acrylic fingernails can be a health and safety issue for both the wearer and others in our community. Should any student’s nails be deemed to be inappropriately long or sharp, he/she will be required to cut them or have them changed at the earliest possible opportunity; this may involve exclusion until such action is taken.

Technology: Two technology aprons are required - these can be bought from the school.


  • Lanyards with lunch cards are provided and will be replaced at a cost of £1.00 to the child if they are lost or broken.
  • Where navy blue is stated, black is not acceptable as an alternative - unless otherwise stated.
  • Denim is not allowed.
  • During extremely inclement weather, it is understood that parents will want pupils to wear heavy-duty footwear. This is quite acceptable on condition that these special items are not worn during the day at school.
  • Plain black or navy headbands may be worn.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Students must at all times be aware of their role as mentors to the main school.

Accordingly, students will be expected to dress in a dignified manner, to be clean and tidy at all times.

  • Clothes which over-expose flesh or expose underwear are not appropriate forms of dress. For example, thin straps, low tops, low slung trousers, short skirts or dresses and cropped tops are unsuitable.
  • Clothes should not display slogans.
  • Hoods and hats may only be worn outside in inclement weather.
  • Sports wear may only be worn by PE students as appropriate during their lessons.
  • We reserve the right to issue guidance on matters such as make-up, jewellery, tattoos and piercing as necessary.

Clothing Grant

This is a one off payment to assist with the cost of purchasing school uniform for students starting Year 7 September 2020.

Find out more: https://www.harrow.gov.uk/schools-learning/school-clothing-grants/1