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Park High School Code
  • Keep safe and keep others safe.
  • Be part of a school that allows people to learn.
  • Help others whenever you can.
  • Bring credit to Park High School in our community.
  • Make those you care about proud of you.

Our School Code is frequently referenced and supports the high expectations and standards we have adopted. Students and parents are expected to sign a Home-School Agreement in the contact book to support this.


We expect our students to attend school every day, on time and wear the correct school uniform. Students should abide by the school code and keep to the school rules. Students are expected to always be respectful to all staff, other students and members of the community, to and from school; as well as respecting all school resources, buildings, grounds and the environment. Students should strive to be a positive member of the school community and do as much as possible to always promote the well-being and good name of the school.

Students should regularly use their contact books in all lessons and at home and keep it good condition. Students are expected to complete all work set to the best of their ability, including all home learning. Appropriate independent preparation for exams should be taken in the form of revision and should be taken seriously with sufficient planning and organisation to ensure each student fulfils their potential.

Achievements and Discipline

At Park High we use an achievement points system that celebrates the success of our students. This could be for academic achievement, effort, outstanding behaviour, or many other positive behaviours. We are particularly proud that our students bring credit to our school through representation in school events or their contribution to the local community. This is recognised in a variety of rewards, celebration assemblies, enrichment trips and prize-giving.

The school aims to be a well-organised and well-disciplined community with a caring but firm approach. High standards of behaviour and courtesy are expected at all times and visitors frequently comment on how well-behaved and courteous our students are.

Our system of progress checks is designed to support good discipline both by giving praise and anticipating problems. Certificates are given every term to students who are achieving well or improving their effort. Letters are sent home to parents for students who might be slipping back in terms of work or behaviour. Parents are invited in to discuss any concerns.

The School Code is very largely a matter of good sense and is about concern for other people as well as the smooth running of the school as a place of learning.