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Aims & Values

The Park High School Sixth Form is a community which respects and nurtures individual talent, personal freedom and responsibility, intellectual curiosity and public service.

Life as a Sixth Form student is exciting and challenging in so many ways. Here at Park High School students are progressively given more autonomy and independence within a firm framework of support and guidance, to ensure that their full potential is realised.

Sixth Form students have their own common room and quiet study areas but are still very much part of the school. Sixth Formers may elect to be School Captains and, through the Sixth Form Council, play an important role in the organisation and management of the school.

Students’ progress is constantly monitored through regular assessments, interviews and reports as well as parent consultation and review days, to ensure that they are achieving to the very best of their ability.

We have identified three key priorities for our School and Sixth Form. These are:

  • To promote and provide a holistic education where we celebrate achievement, academic excellence, creativity and personal growth.
  • To continue to build on and nurture the relationships which are the cornerstone of the school and support students in understanding the value of courtesy, hard work and respect.
  • To provide opportunities which enrich our students’ lives now and, in the future.

Park High School Code

Our School Code is frequently referenced and supports the high expectations and standards we have adopted. Students and parents are expected to sign a Home-School Agreement in the enrolment pack.

  • Keep safe and keep others safe.
  • Be part of a school that allows people to learn.
  • Help others whenever you can.
  • Bring credit to Park High School in our community.
  • Make those you care about proud of you.