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Review of For Honor


Genre: Action game/Fighting game

Release date: February 14th 2017

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

Developer: Ubisoft

In For Honor you can either play in Campaign Mode or Multiplayer. In Campaign Mode there are three different factions – Knights, Samurai and Vikings.

The story goes: three factions were living peacefully but then a massive earthquake happened which destroyed where they lived. Then they started to fight for land and resources; they have continued to fight for centuries.

Regarding the Campaign Mode, it would take you 3-4 solid days of gaming to complete the campaign. In Multiplayer Mode you can choose the faction you want to fight for but this does not affect who you can choose to play as. There are twelve different characters, four for each faction, there are also five different online game modes you can play. The Multiplayer will last a very long time because of the excellent DLC packs and varied, challenging game modes.

The graphics in For Honor are incredible! The customisation of characters includes skin colour, gender, armour, outfits, engravings, symbols, powerups, weapons and you can customise your own emblem. If you choose to spend more money on this game, you can buy DLC’s.

For Honor is different to other combat games because Ubisoft have created their own unique combat system called the Art of Battle. You also need skill and knowledge to progress in this game.

Ultimately, I very much recommend this game (I would give this game and 8/10).  I play it and love it! This game is suited to people who relish strategic games, regardless of your gender!

By Kiran 7GO

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