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Year 7 Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

This year, departments have produced knowledge organisers to support students learning the core knowledge they need to know to be successful. Knowledge organisers are a tool our students can use to help them revise and review their learning. Each knowledge organiser is an A4 sheet, which the key knowledge condensed down for students for each unit of work. Students will have copies printed and stuck into their exercise books.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum (Years 7 and 8) will ensure that your child follows a broad and balanced programme combining the core subjects with the Arts, Humanities, Languages, Design Technology and Physical Education. The curriculum is designed to be balanced and rigorous, in order to maximise students’ knowledge, as well as their skills and personal development across a range of interesting subjects. We want them to explore and to experience a variety of subject areas to provide a strong foundation for the future.

The curriculum offer will prepare Year 7 and 8 students to be both well rounded and educated citizens.  All written examinations will place a far higher emphasis on literacy and the quality of spelling, punctuation and grammar.  We would encourage your child to read regularly for enjoyment and pleasure as well as for the specific purpose of education.  Students will be better placed to achieve highly with a broader vocabulary and a deeper appreciation of various styles of writing.

You can download the Knowledge Organisers below