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Sponsored Walk Raises £3,854 for Woodlands School Interactive Floor Projector

Woodlands Special Needs School, in partnership with Park High School, celebrated the success of its recent sponsored walk event held at Chandos Park. On May 1st, students, staff, and parents from Woodlands joined forces with our enthusiastic Park High students to complete circuits of Chandos Park. Together, they demonstrated unity and support for the cause of enhancing educational experiences.

Woodlands School specialises in supporting students with complex learning needs, providing vital services such as safety skills, communication, and social and independence skills. While the school's basic offer is funded by the Harrow Local Authority, fundraising efforts are crucial to ensuring that students receive the best education possible.

The primary goal of the sponsored walk was to raise funds for a state-of-the-art interactive floor projector for the school. This tool promises to revolutionise sensory learning experiences for Woodlands students by creating interactive floor displays that stimulate visual and tactile senses, fostering engagement and exploration.

The event saw 20 or our year 12 Park High students actively supporting the local primary school, demonstrating compassion, resilience, and teamwork. Their efforts, alongside those of all participants, sponsors, and donors, culminated in an impressive fundraising total of £3,854.

Woodlands School extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved for their generosity and support, emphasising the significant impact of our Year 12 students in helping the wider community and serving as outstanding ambassadors for their school.