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Park High Student Leadership Group Victory

On Wednesday, 22 May, 2024, members of our Student Leadership Group proudly represented Park High School at the finals of the Micro-Tyco Student Leadership competition, held at the BNP Paribas building in London. The Micro-Tyco Challenge is one of the WildHearts Schools programmes, a leading innovation and entrepreneurship competition that challenges young people to work together and develop innovative solutions to address social and environmental issues, creating meaningful community impact. This prestigious event provided our students with the platform to showcase their personal development skills and leadership talents against other schools.

The WildHearts team, alongside a small collective from BNP Paribas, warmly welcomed our students for the day. We were joined by students from six other schools, creating an atmosphere of excitement and healthy competition. Our team first met with their mentors, who guided them throughout the day, offering valuable insights and feedback on their PowerPoint presentation.

Our students' presentation addressed the pressing issue of loneliness in our community, focusing on supporting and empowering senior citizens with basic modern technology skills. They proposed hosting an annual Senior Citizens' Party here at our school, complete with entertainment and refreshments. Students would interact with the seniors, helping them connect online through platforms like FaceTime. Additionally, to combat loneliness within our school and community, they planned to establish various clubs, such as an environmental awareness club, revision cafes for students balancing academic and personal lives, and a friendship courtyard. This courtyard would serve as a communal space for school and local community events, fostering connections and embodying our school's commitment to compassion and community spirit.

As the day concluded, our Park High team received feedback on their presentations and awaited the announcement of the winners. Our team secured 3rd place among all the schools in London. They were overjoyed and in disbelief. This remarkable achievement not only filled us with pride but also provided the school with the funding to transform their ideas into reality, benefiting our community.

Students described this experience as “unforgettable,” marking a significant milestone in their journey as young leaders committed to making a difference.


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