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Year 10 Work Experience: A Week of Real-World Learning

From Monday  24th to Friday 28th June 2024, our Year 10 students immersed themselves in the professional world through a week of work experience. This initiative, is an important part of the Year 10 careers education, it offers students an invaluable opportunity to experience the realities of working life. Work experience contributes to Gatsby Benchmark 6, every student should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/ or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities and expand their networks.

Students undertook placements in diverse sectors, including offices, retail environments, healthcare facilities, and creative industries. These experiences allowed them to engage in real-world tasks and responsibilities, providing insights into workplace disciplines and organisation that can’t be replicated in a classroom setting. The hands-on experience is crucial for developing employability, personal learning, and key skills, supporting students' progression routes and post-16 choices.




Positive Feedback from Employers

Feedback from employers has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the students' enthusiasm, professionalism, and willingness to learn:

  • Assistant Headteacher at Elmgrove Primary School: "The three students we hosted were amazing. They worked hard, behaved professionally, and even helped set up our Summer Fair. We truly appreciated their contributions."
  • Bewley Motors Ltd: "Tomas was brilliant, always keen and inquisitive. He often wanted to stay later to learn more."
  • Belmont Pharmacy: "Sohaan excelled, fitting in well and multitasking efficiently. He has a bright future ahead."
  • Sunny Days Nursery: "Bethany was lovely, well-dressed, and adored by the children. She was a credit to her school."
  • Aequitas Accountants: "Mannat was punctual and eager to learn, mastering bookkeeping, VAT, and tax processes. She has great potential for future training and employment."
  • Stanburn Primary School: "Jasmin was polite, responsible, and engaged well with younger pupils, acting as a great ambassador for her school."
  • Chandu Tailor & Son Ltd: "Niraj was proactive, punctual, and eager to learn, handling various tasks efficiently at our funeral directors."
  • Kenmore Park Juniors: "Rebeca was punctual, professional, and highly helpful in lessons and production practice. She has matured beautifully and is a delight to have in the classroom."
  • Oliver Goldsmith Primary School: "Khadija has been invited back to teach some lessons due to her excellent performance."
  • Royal Air Force Museum: "Sakina was punctual, respectful, and engaged flawlessly with all tasks."
  • The Hormonist Ltd: "Rajvi was punctual, appropriately dressed, and very responsive to tasks."
  • Atkins Realis: "Aditya was engaged, punctual, and asked insightful questions, blazing through his tasks."
  • John Robertson Architects: "Muzmail demonstrated excellent time management and work ethic, showing enthusiasm for learning."
  • Transport for London: "Vrunda impressed with her initiative and punctuality, participating in various activities from coding projects to ticketing at Victoria Coach Station."
  • A.L.O Physiotherapy Ltd: "Mohamed's patience, punctuality, and willingness to learn were highly praised, with the employer stating they would offer him a job if possible."

Student Reflections

Students also shared their positive experiences and the valuable lessons they learnt:

  • Keeya, Christchurch Kindergarten: "Seeing the children proud of their achievements made me feel accomplished as a teacher."
  • Aditya, Atkins Realis Nova North: "I enjoyed designing solutions and learning about the specifics of civil engineering."
  • Aminah, Whitchurch Primary School & Nursery: "Helping students and supporting teachers was exciting and made me feel helpful."
  • Avy, HS2: "Exploring the tunnelling, electronics, and mechanisms involved in high-speed railway construction opened my mind to new careers."
  • Davina, Watford Smiles: "Observing and learning from my supervisor in a dental setting was fascinating."
  • Tomas, Bewley Motors: "Being a mechanic for five days was an amazing experience, teaching me valuable life skills for my future career."
  • Sheeba, Apple Tree Nursery: "The experience was engaging and taught me a lot about patience and the teaching profession."

Our Year 10 work experience programme is essential for preparing students for the future, providing practical experience, essential life skills and promotes our character virtues; curiosity, resilience, teamwork, compassion, and integrity. As students return to school, they bring newfound knowledge and confidence, ready to tackle new challenges and continue their journey towards their chosen careers.

Thank you to Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Patel for organising this vital part of career education here at Park High.

For more information on Careers Education or Year 10 work experience programs, please look at our Careers and Employability pages.