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BEBRAS Computing Challenge 2023

Students across Year 7 to A Level at Park High School had the opportunity to participate in the annual UK BEBRAS Challenge, on Monday 13 November.  The online challenge is organised by Oxford University, in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation for students in over 50 countries, the Bebras Challenge invites students to use computational and logical thinking to solve classical computer science problems re-worked into accessible and interesting questions.  It is designed to get students all over the world excited about computing. Last November over 365,000 students took part in the UK, and over 3 million worldwide.

The aim of the Challenge is to Solve as many problems as you can in 40 minutes. 21 of our Park High students have received Gold Awards this year, recognising achievement within the top 10% of their year group nationally. The students listed below may now progress on to the Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC) next term in January 2024.

Gold Award winners:

Year 7

Emre Gokce

Helmand Niazy

Vansh Shah

Year 8

Dalisha Varsani

Alek Liu

Year 9

Dani Omar Saad 

Dhruv Patel 

Joshua Uwafili 

Rayhan Hussain 

Abigail Botosan 

Bianca Curic 

Keshav Mepani

Inaya Alawandi

Luke Irvine 

Zoe Kolsut 

Naytik Velani 

Taran Hirani 

Rithik Kerai 

Levi Emanuel Circiu

The Gold achievers, students who have achieved the highest scores within their age group should be congratulated for receiving Best in School awards. 

Park High School 2023 Best in School award winners are:

Juniors, 10-12

Vansh Shah

Intermediates, 12-14

Zoe Kolsut

Seniors, 14-16

Yashvi Modi

Elite, 16-18

Denzel James-Onyi

Well done to all the students who took part in the Challenge. Good luck to the above students who will be taking part in the next round in January.