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Park High U16 Volleyball Borough Champions!

On Thursday 22nd February 2024 our Park High U16 Volleyball team became Harrow Borough Champions. In a thrilling final match against Salvatorian, our exceptionally talented team displayed their skills, securing a well-deserved victory. Our Park High Team won the first set 25-12 and the second 25-17, it was a pleasure to watch them comfortably brush aside Salvatorian in the U16 Harrow Borough final.

What makes this triumph even more remarkable is the incredible spirit of community and camaraderie that shines through our team. One student, Dhruv, only joined the school this week. Having played competitively in India, we asked the (already selected) 6 players if they would mind rotating subs to allow Dhruv (joining us in Year 11) which meant that this would be his one and only opportunity to represent his new school. The boys were happy to bring him into the fold. The selflessness of our players in welcoming Dhruv into the team reflects the inclusivity and support that define our community. It paid off as he turned out to be an excellent setter!

Two of our Year 10 students demonstrated remarkable determination and talent, earning them a place in the A Team over older competitors. Their success serves as a testament to their dedication and the supportive environment fostered here at Park High.

Alex and Dylan are two of our Park High real success stories, their transformation from novice players to skilled athletes is nothing short of inspirational. They are now a cut above the rest. Some of the play during the final was a joy to behold,  too good for the opposition on many an occasion. Their commitment to honing their abilities and their willingness to give back to the school community by coaching next academic year is a true testament to their character and the values instilled here at Park High. Hopefully they can leave a legacy beyond just the trophies they have won here as players.

As we celebrate this victory, let us also acknowledge the invaluable contributions of every member of our team, coaches, and supporters. The make-up of the team speaks volumes about the community and character here at Park High. Hopefully we will continue to embody the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork that defines Park High.

Congratulations once again to our U16 Volleyball team, and here's to many more victories in the future!