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U14 Harrow Borough Volleyball Champions!

On Thursday 7th of March, two of our Volleyball teams (U14's and Year 7) played the final of the Harrow Borough Volleyball competition. 

The finals were Park High v Salvatorian in Year 7, U14 and U16 (the three age groups for this competition). Having already claimed the U16 title at the end of February (read about it here), the pressure was on to make it a hat trick. 

Our Year 7 team put up such a strong fight, taking the match to a deciding set and coming close to victory. It's often in those critical moments where the pressure is highest, and unfortunately, an unforced error can sometimes tip the balance in favour of the opponent. Despite the loss, it's clear that the Year 7 team displayed skill and determination throughout the match, and they should be proud of their performance. It's all part of the learning process in sports, and there will be more opportunities for them to showcase their talents in the future.

Our U14's were timid in the opening set and lost without putting up enough of a fight. From then on, it was an intense and exciting volleyball match between Park High and Salvatorian! In the second set, we drew. The third set is where we went on to win. Despite facing a powerful opponent, our U14 team showed resilience and tactical intelligence to secure victory. Utilising strategic placements and playing smarter rather than relying solely on power, the team were able to outmanoeuvre Salvatorian and capitalise on their opponent's tendencies.

This victory not only showcases the skill and determination of Park High's volleyball teams but also highlights the importance of adaptability and strategic thinking in sports. We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of every member of our team, coaches, and supporters.

Congratulations to our U14 Volleyball team on their well-deserved victory!