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U14 Badminton Team Clinches Harrow Borough Champions Title

Our Park High U14s Badminton team secured the Harrow borough championship title on Tuesday 12th March 2024; capping off a season of impressive performances with a well-deserved win. Entering the championship as favourites based on their dominant performances in the group stages, our U14s teams' confidence was high with some convincing wins under their belts, against John Lyon and Nower Hill.

The team's commitment to honing their skills, both under the guidance of a badminton coach and our own Mr. Darby, proved instrumental in their success. The fruits of their labour were evident on the court, as our team showcased improved technique and precision during gameplay. In particular, the team excelled in the 1 and 3 doubles categories, securing crucial victories that helped them establish an early lead.

In the first round of fixtures we recorded a win, followed by a win, followed by another win! This put us 3-0 up in a 7-game encounter. Knowing only one more victory was needed attention, turned to doubles and our seed 1/3 pairing. Kavi (our seed 1) had already beaten their seed 1 in singles and as the doubles began, he took control of that game as well. He commanded the court superbly, ably assisted by our tidy seed 3 (Aadi).

With four victories under their belt and an overwhelming advantage, our team appeared poised to clinch the title. However, their opponents, Avanti, mounted a fierce comeback, winning the next three and threatening to narrow the gap. 

In a tense finale, Park High held their nerve and fought tooth and nail to maintain their lead. Despite the pressure, they remained steadfast, ultimately emerging triumphant with a narrow 4-3 victory over Avanti. The hard-fought win not only secured the borough title for Park High but also served as a testament to the team's resilience, determination, and teamwork.

We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of every member of our team, coaches, and supporters.

Congratulations to our U14 Badminton team on their well-deserved victory!