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Park High School

Park High School

Year 8 Enterprise and Employability Day

On Wednesday 18th October 2017, Park High held a Careers & Employability Day for our Year 8s. This day was designed to develop the students' leadership and employability skills, by providing them with information and using a series of challenges to encourage team building and communication.

Ex-Park High student Priti Mohandas launched the Year 8 Enterprise and Employability day. Priti attended Park High school from 04/09/2006 - 27/07/2012 and studied  A levels in English Literature (A*), Maths (A) and Art & Design Fine Art (A).  Priti acquired a place at Cambridge University to study Architecture, She was awarded the Jill Rickers Prize for students in architecture by Kings College in her final year.

Priti has a strong interest in social and humanitarian issues related to housing, having spent considerable time in India working with an NGO who help women in slums learn construction methods to provide basic infrastructure for their homes. Priti shared her amazing journey since school to now with the students. 

The students went on to a team building & communication session where they were given three challenges to complete with the aim to promote verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Period 2 students were given some information about Employability and Leadership skills, discussing with a partner what skills they already had, which skills they could develop and any other skills they could add.

After break students took park in "The Remit" challenge, much like "The Apprentice" students were spilt into teams and given a brief to design and produce a T-shirt. Students had to establish roles within their team. They had to work together to create a company name,  generate an action plan and put together a presentation for their tutor group that included their T-shirt deisgn, budget, target market, advertisment and production. Once they had presented to their tutor group they were given some constructive feedback to help improve their presentation. 

During period 6 the teams had to then present to their entire year group and a panel of experts, the experts asked questions about their product and presentation to decide on a winning team. 

The winners of the t-shirt design competition were:  Abdul, Cezara , Hussien , Andrei & Zeenat.

Their design was printed on to T-shirts.

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