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Park High School

Park High School

Inspiring a Future in Childcare Campaign

Thursday 1st February Park High School hosted a successful launch of the Inspiring a Future in Childcare Campaign.

The campaign aims to increase awareness amongst young people to the vast array of opportunities and jobs which are available in the childcare sector including, but not limited to, child-minders, nannies, and nursery practitioners, managers and owners, or crèche workers, holiday company recruiters, psychologists, paediatric nurses and Ofsted inspectors to name but a few. People who work in early education and childcare play a crucial role in supporting and inspiring children’s early learning and development. The aim of the event is to broaden young people’s horizons to the different jobs available to them. It will also look at breaking gender stereotypes with women in senior positions taking part.

The day started in the Hall where the visitors were welcomed by Mr Lumley and the students completed a questionnaire about what jobs they thought were within the childcare sector.

Professionals from a wide variety of roles within the childcare sector came to speak to our students about their careers, qualifications and experiences. The students were then given the opportunity to speed network with the professionals, from young apprentices to those in more senior roles, and learn about their educational route, career journey and most importantly ask lots of questions.

Students were then asked to reflect on the questionnaire they started at the start of the day and see if any of their answers had changed and find out what they had learnt from the day. 

Our visitors were hugely impressed by our students and are keen to return. 

We had a great time yesterday talking to students at @ParkHighNews about the range of careers available within the #childcare industry. We are proud to be part of the #InspiringChildcare campaign! @InspiringTF @Tinies @Edu_Employers - Morton Michel

Fantastic morning @ launch of #inspiring Childcare campaign w @Tinies Thank you @ParkHighNews for your amazing young people-great questions! - Ms Owen

It was a successful day overall and we believe our students found the information invaluable and hopefully opened their eyes to more possibilities within the childcare sector. A Massive thank you to Mrs S. Patel for organising the event.  

To find out more about the inspiring the future childcare campaign please click here. 

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